CME president listens to cattlemen’s concerns

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The president of the CME Group says they will investigate ways to reduce volatility in the cattle futures market. Speaking to a standing room only crowd at a meeting of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) Cattle Marketing Committee in San Diego, Terry Duffy said the CME understands their concerns and will look for solutions. … Read more »

Futures market concerns on cattlemen’s agenda

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Concerns over extreme volatility in the cattle futures market will be in the spotlight today (Friday) at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego. The president of the CME Group, Terry Duffy, will address those concerns in a meeting with the Cattle Marketing Committee of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Garner, Iowa cattleman Ed Greiman… Read more »

Opportunities for corn price rallies

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An agriculture economist says smaller U.S. corn supplies might help with some price rallies for corn, “With the supply of corn not being quite as burdensome as earlier thought, it opens the door for future friendly surprises to have more of a price impact.” Darrel Good with the University of Illinois tells Brownfield the December… Read more »

Iowa farmer seeks answers on regulation of brokers

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Doug Bell is a man on a mission. Bell, a farmer from Thornton, Iowa, is trying to convince government officials that more needs to be done to protect the accounts that farmers have with commodity brokers. Bell says he lost 600-thousand dollars because a commodity broker did not follow industry rules. He says he’s been frustrated… Read more »

Ag economist says volatility to continue

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An ag economist says whether it’s bigger crops than expected or things happening in Asia – market volatility is here to stay as harvest approaches. “A lot of folks are forecasting very modest growth, up about 1 and a half metric tons of soybean imports in to China. You know, that pales in comparison when… Read more »

Farmer: Price outlook “pretty bleak”

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The price of commodities is an overarching concern among growers. Wayne Fredericks is president-elect of the Iowa Soybean Association and a director on the board of the American Soybean Association. He says the price outlook is pretty bleak, “The outlook at the moment is down, although we’ve seen a really good rally in soybeans the last… Read more »

FAPRI says 2014 has been interesting year

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The director of the University of Missouri’s Food and Agricultural Policy Institute (FAPRI) says it’s been an interesting year – with record corn and soybean crops that have caused major changes in agricultural markets, “Prices that were ready well off of the drought level peaks of 2012 have now come down to almost half of… Read more »

Soybean price better than expected

Soybean prices are down a lot from a few years ago but American Soybean Association chairman Danny Murphy likes the current upward trend… “I guess it’s really been surprising at the strength the market’s shown. Probably six weeks ago, we were at about 9-and-a-half or so and really thought beans would be 8-and-a-half but today… Read more »

A return to ‘old-style’ crop marketing

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Chad Hart, crop markets specialist with Iowa State University, foresees a more traditional grain pricing pattern over the next few years, with market lows at harvest and market highs in the spring. “That more traditional pricing pattern that we used to experience—say 5, 6, 7 years ago—before the biofuel boom took us to the record… Read more »