Farm Bill implementation one year in

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It’s been a year since the 2014 Farm Bill began to be implemented and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says it’s been a great undertaking. Farmers joined him on a call with reporters to talk about how the new Farm Bill provisions have helped them. Ben LaCross is a grower in northern Michigan whose cherry crop,… Read more »

FDA ups fish consumption recommendations

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Fish friendly recommendations for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms are coming from the Food and Drug Administration.  Rima Kleiner, a Registered Dietitian who consults with the National Fisheries Institute, says it’s a huge shift from the FDA’s previous recommendations from 10 years ago. While there are trace amounts of mercury in fish, she says Omega-three fatty acids in… Read more »

Picture a healthy meal

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If you took a photo of the next meal you’re going to eat what would it look like?   A South Dakota State University nutrition specialist reminds us that we all can make some improvements in that picture – more vegetables or fruit and smaller portion sizes.  Marjorie Zastrow says eating healthy is a conscious effort… Read more »

IN Pork makes donation to FIsH

In celebration of October Pork Month, Indiana Pork donated $10,000 to Feeding Indiana’s Hungry towards the Million Meals Program.  The donation is equivalent to providing 32,000 two-pound ground pork meals to Hoosiers. Emily Weikert Bryant, executive director of FIsH is thankful for the generosity of Indiana’s pork farmers.  “Protein is difficult for struggling families to… Read more »

Fishery is Missouri Exporter of Year

Osage Catfisheries of Osage Beach, Missouri has been chosen as Missouri’s 2012 Exporter of the Year. At the Missouri State Fair on Thursday, USDA Undersecretary Michael Scuse joined Missouri Ag Director Jon Hagler in recognizing Osage Catfisheries which exports almost 2-and-a-half Billion Dollars worth of products a year. The operation was founded as a bait shop… Read more »

The ‘Best’ non-fad diets

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What are the best diet plans for overall good health? Registered dietician Andrea Giancolli with the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was on the panel that choose the best diets published in U.S. News and World Reports. And she talks about how they stack up to the government’s My Plate dietary guidelines. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM… Read more »

How to spot a fad diet

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How can you tell a fad weight loss diet from a good one?  Registered Dietician Andrea Giancolli is the spokesperson for the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She says sure signs are diets that promise fast weight loss and that exclude whole groups of foods. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – How to spot a fad… Read more »

Healthier food choices coming to national parks

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Healthier foods at our nation’s parks? Yes, but what about our favorite things like hot dogs and ice cream? Healthier food standards are being adopted by the National Park Service as part of its Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative.  National Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis says our hot dogs and ice cream are NOT going… Read more »

Farm-Raised Salmon has same Omega 3s

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There are two main types of salmon we can buy and they differ in the way they are raised. Caught in the wild or farm-raised.  New research by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has found that farm raised salmon have just as much in the way of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that salmon caught in… Read more »

Don’t underestimate safe food grilling practices

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It’s important for us to understand proper food handling since it can prevent ourselves and others from getting sick from food.  The USDA’s Kathy Bernard goes over the four rules of food safety:  Clean, separate, cook and chill – and applies them to backyard grilling. HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Grilling food safety (1:30 mp3)