Animal food industry weighs in on regs

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and associated groups take issue with the FDA’s proposed regulations for animal food safety under the Food Safety and Modernization Act. Richard Sellers, regulatory affairs director of the AFIA, tells Brownfield the safety record in the animal feed and pet food industries is quite good, “We’ve got an enormous safety… Read more »

Changes coming in antibiotic use

An editorial in the Los Angeles Times praises drug companies and the livestock industry for their positive response to the FDA’s voluntary guidelines curbing overuse of agricultural antibiotics. The Times calls it an “extraordinary achievement for the FDA” that 25 animal drug companies have agreed to new drug labels prohibiting the use of antibiotics for… Read more »

Companies agree to antibiotic phase-out

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The Food and Drug Administration says 25 out of 26 animal drug companies it asked to phase out growth promoting antibiotics used in meat animals have agreed to do that. The FDA says the companies have, in writing, agreed to stop labeling the main antibiotics used for treating humans as acceptable for use in animal… Read more »

New food label requirements proposed

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Food manufacturers will have to make sure more information is supplied on nutrition facts labels required by the government under revisions proposed this week by the Food & Drug Administration. For the first time, a list of added sugars on a separate line would be required. The FDA would make required amounts of Vitamin D… Read more »

What’s happening with food labels?

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The Nutrition Facts labels on U.S. food products are poised to get an overhaul. The Food and Drug Administration has unveiled the proposed label changes that FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg says will “help consumers make better more informed choices about the foods they eat and help support a healthy diet.  Calories will be in big… Read more »

FDA warns of illness from rice product

The Food & Drug Administration is warning food service companies, schools and consumers not to use any Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice products sold in large quantities of five and 25-pounds because of the risk of illness. All the products are being recalled. A cluster of illnesses associated with the product has occurred at three public… Read more »

Comments extended on Animal Food rule

There’s more time for the animal food industry to comment on the FDA’s proposed animal food rule. At the request of the Animal Feed Industry Association, National Grain and Feed Association, National Renderers and the Pet Food Institute, the Food & Drug Administration has extended the deadline for comment by a month, making it March… Read more »

Senator wants Obama to mandate GMO labeling

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is urging the Obama administration to mandate the labeling of genetically modified foods.  Feinstein believes the President should bypass the congressional process and direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require such labels.  She argues it is within the FDA’s power and “the best interest of American consumers” to require labeling… Read more »

Ag Secretary favors high-tech food labeling

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What would a GMO label convey about nutritional content? U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says when it comes to genetically modified food ingredients there is not a proven question of safety. Vilsack points out that that the USDA already has labels for “Organic” and “Natural” food products which could use improving. Vilsack says all signs point to technology… Read more »

FDA targets oils that contain trans fats

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The Food and Drug Administration is going after trans fats in processed foods. Food makers have reduced or replaced trans fats over the years. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg explains that the FDA required trans fats to be on food nutrition labels starting in 1996.  The primary source of trans fats in processed foods is partially hydrogenated oils.  She… Read more »