National Farmers Union calling for CRP enhancements

The National Farmers Union (NFU) is calling on USDA to enhance the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). NFU Vice President Chandler Goule… “We want farmers to be able to enroll that entire field, but as long as 75 percent of the field is actually qualified for CRP.  We also want farmers to be able to transfer… Read more »

Farmers make choices as clock winds down

Farmers have just over three weeks left to sign contracts for safety net programs.  Crop farmers have had to pick which new USDA safety net program they want for the next five years, under the 2014 Farm Bill. Brownfield Ag News asked Southeast Missouri Farmer Chris Porter what he thought about the choices overall, the Agricultural Risk Coverage and… Read more »

The next generation of agriculture, women

A network for women in agriculture is empowering females in a male dominated industry to lead. USDA Deputy Secretary Kyrsta Harden has been meeting with women across the country. “Sometimes women can feel isolated.” She says, “Frankly, in their own communities there might not be someone just like them farming or ranching and they would… Read more »

Minnesota landowners need to get familiar with new buffer rule

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Landowners will have to wait until next summer to find out how the new buffer rule may impact them. Minnesota Farm Bureau policy specialist Doug Busselman says the Department of Natural Resources is expected to release maps, potentially in July of 2016. “The DNR will be providing for counties the maps of what areas need… Read more »

Home heating oil industry using biodiesel to revive and reinvent itself

The heating oil market is well established along the East Coast with approximately 6.2 million homes relying on it during the winter. But progressive states in that region are looking to move towards renewable fuels and have issued mandates in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Bioheat is traditional home heating oil blended with… Read more »

Free farm family transition series

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Families interested in beginning the farm transition process can start for free with a new webinar series. Kristine Ranger is one-fourth of the Ag Transition Partners group coordinating the project with American Agri-Women. She tells Brownfield farm family succession is a challenging and complex problem. “An estimated 70 percent of farms and farmland is transitioning… Read more »

Economists predict ARC/PLC payments

A report by two esteemed ag economists predicts payments for the new Agriculture Risk Coverage-County and Price Loss Coverage programs in the Farm Bill will be 5.7 Billion dollars for the 2014 crop year with the bulk of payments in the ARC-county program. Gary Schnitkey with University of Illinois and Carl Zulauf with Ohio State… Read more »

Farmers Union VP calls ag “silent loser” without immigration reform

Speaking at Minnesota Farmfest Wednesday, National Farmers Union vice president Chandler Goule told several hundred people listening to an ag issues forum that farmers will be hit first and hit hardest if immigration isn’t fixed. “Because of how much labor it takes to produce the food, fiber and fuel for this country.” He says he… Read more »

Specialty crop insurance expanded

USDA is expanding fresh fruit and nut specialty crop insurance coverage options. U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says coverage will be available beginning in the 2016 crop year. “We’ve been making a concerted effort over the last several years following the passage of the farm bill of creating an expansion of these opportunities for specialty… Read more »