Minnesota Dept. of Ag nutrient management incentive

  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is offering farmers an incentive to implement various nutrient management practices on their farm. The Nutrient Management Initiative uses field trials to evaluate nitrogen efficiency. Participating farmers work with their crop advisor to set up the trials with the farmer receiving $1,000 compensation for their time and the crop… Read more »

Higher producing cows are more environmentally friendly

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison have found that not only are higher-producing dairy cows more profitable, they are more environmentally sound as well. Dr. Victor Cabrera says they used the Integrated Farm System Model to emulate a 100-cow dairy with 100 hectares (247 acres) in Southern Wisconsin from 1986 to 2010. The… Read more »

Adams to lead Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board

Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board has elected Dave Adams of Lake Geneva to serve another term as president. Adams was first elected to lead the Board in 2011.  Randy Woodruff of Chippewa Falls was elected vice president and Tom Gillis of River Falls will serve as secretary-treasurer of the group. The nine-member board oversees the collection… Read more »

Iowa ag secretary reacts to water lawsuit

The Des Moines Water Works has filed a lawsuit against 10 drainage districts in three northwest Iowa Counties. While Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey says he understands the challenges the Water Works is facing, he thinks they are going about it the wrong way.  Northey says he fears the lawsuit would be very expensive and… Read more »

California rice growers may sell some water

The City of Los Angeles and area municipalities are offering California farmers a premium for their water. The Sacramento Bee says the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and other agencies are offering up to $71 million to rice farmers served by the Feather River. The water districts are offering $700 per acre-foot of water…. Read more »

McCarthy: EPA could have done better

The head of the EPA admits that the agency may have stumbled where the proposed Waters of the U.S. rule is concerned, but that doesn’t mean the rule will be put aside. Gina McCarthy opened her address to the National Farmers Union with an admission. “We could have done better,” said McCarthy, in response to… Read more »

Agrium agronomy manager says Corn Belt prone to Nitrogen loss

Alan Blaylock is manager of agronomy at Agrium Wholesale.  At the 2015 Commodity Classic he discussed a scenario in the Corn Belt that he says happens all too often. “By midsummer, farmers are saying their corn is turning yellow.  They lost their Nitrogen (N).  That late spring rain pushed it out.”  Blaylock tells Brownfield that… Read more »

EPA air standards costly for farmers: AFBF

The American Farm Bureau Federation says it believes EPA’s proposed restrictions on air quality standards would damage agriculture and rural communities.  In comments submitted to the EPA, the Farm Bureau says the proposal, to tighten ozone standards, would impose significant costs to farmers without a guaranteed public benefit. The EPA proposes to lower allowable ozone-forming… Read more »

Be sustainable and be transparent

Managing for Profit copy

Sustainability is one of the buzz-words around agriculture these days. Consumers want to know that the food they are purchasing is not only healthy but being grown in a responsible manner, one which will allow future generations to also have plenty of rich, fertile soil, clean water and air.  But what does sustainability really mean? … Read more »

Building an organic school and restaurant business

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Greg and Mary Reynolds of Minnesota were named Organic Farmers of the Year by the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). What started out as a garden has evolved into a certified organic farm which sells to restaurants and schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Greg talks about how the business works.