Missouri AG thinks all states may see effects of WOTUS ruling

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Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says he believes the EPA might not enforce the federal Clean Water Rule in all 50 states, but, following a 13-state injunction, he does expect the EPA to fight the decision. Koster says that whether the judge’s ruling effectively blocking Friday’s implementation of the rule is valid in only the… Read more »

Farm Bureau on Clean Water Rule: Follow the law

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) will continue to fight the federal Clean Water Rule, known as Waters of the U.S., but Congressional Relations Director Don Parrish says for now, the organization’s focus is changing. “We’re going to do everything in our power, even though we disagree with this rule, to get our farmers to… Read more »

Food safety group sues USDA APHIS

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) is suing the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). The center claims the agency has failed to respond to requests for records related to GMO crop concerns, including those about genetically engineered alfalfa. The lawsuit says APHIS is required to provide that information, under the Freedom of… Read more »

State Ag Departments ask for voluntary delay of WOTUS

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The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia confirmed to Brownfield Ag News that it has denied a request to block Friday’s implementation the federal Clean Water Rule, commonly known as Waters of the U.S.  The request for the injunction was brought by Murray Energy.  The matter is still under consideration by… Read more »

The efficiency of UAVs

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Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are quickly becoming very popular on the farm. Zach Fiene starting using personal remote control vehicles as a crop consultant and now has his own company creating UAV packages for farmers. He says the efficiency really becomes obvious when you get in to big fields:  “You can fly over the… Read more »

Helping farmers use energy more efficiently

Today’s farms use a lot of energy and with that comes the chance to waste a lot of energy. Focus on Energy partners with Wisconsin utilities to help farms, homeowners and businesses find ways to be more energy efficient. Nicole Zaidel is an Energy Advisor with FOE, she says right now they are offering incentives… Read more »

There’s a lot of family in those big farms

One of the things Alice in Dairyland has to do at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days each day is to introduce and then interview members of the host family on stage in the Family Living Tent. Teyanna Loether says it has given her the opportunity to really get to know the Statz family and that is… Read more »

Making anaerobic digesters work

  One of the features at both the old and new Statz Brothers Farms is anaerobic digesters. The digesters were built by DVO Anaerobic Digesters of Chilton, Wisconsin. Melissa Van Ornum says the digester is basically a recreation of the cow’s stomach except it holds the mass for 22 days so the anaerobic bacteria can break… Read more »

A number of issues on the table

It has been a very busy time for Wisconsin Farm Bureau president Jim Holte: the on-going work on the Implements of Husbandry laws in Wisconsin, GMO labeling, Waters of the U.S., high capacity wells in Wisconsin to name a few issues the organization is dealing with.  

Minnesota Cattlemen to “flood the phones” over WOTUS

A commodity group wants to “flood the phones” in an attempt to stop a controversial rule. Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association executive director Ashley Kohls is recruiting those opposed to the EPA’s Clean Water Rule, formerly Waters of the U.S., to call Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken before the rule goes into effect Friday. “We’ve… Read more »