Planting delayed for Wisconsin no-till farmer

A no-till farmer in southwest Wisconsin says conditions are not suitable to begin planting corn. Jim Birchman of Fennimore says although some planting is occurring in his area, he needs to wait a little longer. “For me being in no-till, I like the soils to get just a little bit warmer than what they’d be… Read more »

Farmer input requested on Michigan’s voluntary environmental program

This is the last week for farmers to respond to a statewide survey on Michigan’s voluntary assurance program. Scott Lonier was first verified with the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) in 2010 and is currently serving as the program’s incentives taskforce chairman. He tells Brownfield the survey is for all farmers to share their… Read more »

Illinois map highlights conservation farmers

Several farm and conservation groups have launched an online conservation map in Illinois to highlight farmers who are implementing conservation practices. “The map is really a way to showcase their efforts in conservation and sustainability practices,” said Caroline Wade, nutrient watershed manager for the Illinois Corn Growers Association, “as well as provide a resource to… Read more »

EPA’s chlorpyrifos meeting moving forward

The EPA’s meeting to review an ag chemical is still on the docket – to begin today. A number of ag groups including the American Soybean and the National Corn Growers Associations had asked the EPA to postpone the meeting on chlorpyrifos, saying the EPA is not following a lawful process for “evaluating potential risk… Read more »

Promoting ethanol to foreign markets

Leaders of the U.S. renewable fuels industry are promoting ethanol to foreign markets. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says presentations on the benefits of ethanol are taking place in countries with growing middle classes that have higher fuel consumption needs. “It’s a matter of getting people familiar with our product.  Some countries have restrictions on… Read more »

Nitrogen-themed educational program with environment in mind

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The University of Minnesota has introduced a program that teaches the basics of how nitrogen behaves in the environment. Extension crops specialist Brad Carlson is leading the development of Nitrogen Smart and tells Brownfield if farmers want to maintain the flexibility of managing nitrogen from one site to the next without regulation, they are responsible for… Read more »

Legislation clarifying buffer rule advances in Minnesota Legislature

A bill that clarifies aspects of the controversial buffer rule has taken another step forward in the Minnesota Legislature. Representative Jeanne Poppe of Austin says the legislation cleared one hurdle in the Senate and should be heard on the House floor soon. “It was scheduled this week, but because the Senate took it up we… Read more »

Conservation is expensive

A southeast Minnesota farmer says conservation is expensive. In the last few years, Tom Hoekstra of rural Plainview has invested in protecting the environment on his farm. “To hire contractors to come out with excavators and bulldozers is very expensive.  I found that out on my first project because I couldn’t get cost share for… Read more »

Report: Crop protection product costs $286 million to get to market

The cost to get a crop protection product to the market is $286 million and takes 11 years of research and development.  A report by an agrochemical consulting firm says the industry spent $2.6 billion on new innovations in 2014 to ensure safety and efficacy.  The report found the cost of bringing a product to… Read more »

Voluntary water quality assessment for Minnesota farmers

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is helping farmers determine if elements within their operation pose a threat to water quality. Brad Redlin manages the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification program. “We look at the different practices out there, whether it’s nutrient management, tillage (or) what structural practices are there or have been (there) to see… Read more »