It takes time and good people

Hosting Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is actually a four-year process. It starts with a county deciding the bid to host the show. Once the bid is awarded by Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Incorporated, a county executive committee is formed, a host farm is selected and the planning gets underway. The chair of the Dane County… Read more »

Minnesota landowners need to get familiar with new buffer rule

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Landowners will have to wait until next summer to find out how the new buffer rule may impact them. Minnesota Farm Bureau policy specialist Doug Busselman says the Department of Natural Resources is expected to release maps, potentially in July of 2016. “The DNR will be providing for counties the maps of what areas need… Read more »

Protecting Indiana’s natural resources

Since 2000 more than 800 farms have been recognized with the River Friendly Farmer Award for doing their part in protecting Indiana’s soil and water resources. Mike Starkey is president of the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  He says if farmers want to pass their farms on to the next generation they… Read more »

Conservation king for farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin

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Implementing conservation practices on farms is not a new concept, but it’s getting more attention. Blain Baker farms 2,000 acres in Southeast Michigan, near the Ohio border, and milks 400 cows with his brother Kim on Bakerlad Farms.  Avid believers in conservation, they have been using no-till for more than 25 years.  The farm, in… Read more »

Michigan and Indiana partner on conservation

A Regional Conservation Partnership Program in the St. Joseph River Watershed is helping farmers implement practices to improve water quantity and quality. Jack Knorek with the Michigan Department of Agriculture’s Environmental Stewardship Division says $5.4 million dollars of NRCS funding is available for farmers in Michigan and Indiana. “Similar to what we see going on in… Read more »

Pioneer’s Iowa sales reps cover plots with cover crops

Pioneer sales representatives across Iowa will be planting cover crops in their grower demonstration plots this summer. Brent Wilson, technical services manager for DuPont Pioneer, says it’s an effort to further educate Iowa farmers about the benefits of cover crops as a conservation tool. “We have armed all of our 300-plus rep agencies in the… Read more »

Center for Excellence focuses on water quality

Efforts of farmers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed will be shared with those facing similar scrutiny in Lake Erie. Lindsay Garrison with the Lenawee Conservation District says this year’s Center for Excellence Field Day reaches outside of the Western Lake Erie Basin. “We are also having a farmer’s story from a farmer in the Chesapeake… Read more »

Collin Peterson says best way to stop WOTUS is with lawsuits

The ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee says the solution to stopping the Clean Water Rule, formerly Waters of the U.S., is with a lawsuit. Collin Peterson addressed the issue at Minnesota Farmfest Wednesday, saying he’s done everything he can in the House. “I’ve been pushing for some time to use the Congressional Review… Read more »

EPA seeks stronger restricted-use pesticide applicator standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing stronger standards for applicators of restricted-use pesticides. This applies to pesticides which require special handling and may only be applied by a certified applicator of someone working under their direct supervision. The proposal would require all people who apply restricted use pesticides to be at least 18 years… Read more »