Iowa ag secretary reacts to water lawsuit

The Des Moines Water Works has filed a lawsuit against 10 drainage districts in three northwest Iowa Counties. While Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey says he understands the challenges the Water Works is facing, he thinks they are going about it the wrong way.  Northey says he fears the lawsuit would be very expensive and… Read more »

Resolution supports the “International Year of Soils”

Indiana Senator and member of the Senate Agriculture Committee Joe Donnelly has introduced a resolution supporting the “International Year of Soils.”  The resolution would also support locally-led soil and water conservation efforts. “Local leaders in communities across the country are working hard to keep our soils and waters clean,” he says.  “Their work is vital… Read more »

California rice growers may sell some water

The City of Los Angeles and area municipalities are offering California farmers a premium for their water. The Sacramento Bee says the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and other agencies are offering up to $71 million to rice farmers served by the Feather River. The water districts are offering $700 per acre-foot of water…. Read more »

Agrium agronomy manager says Corn Belt prone to Nitrogen loss

Alan Blaylock is manager of agronomy at Agrium Wholesale.  At the 2015 Commodity Classic he discussed a scenario in the Corn Belt that he says happens all too often. “By midsummer, farmers are saying their corn is turning yellow.  They lost their Nitrogen (N).  That late spring rain pushed it out.”  Blaylock tells Brownfield that… Read more »

Be sustainable and be transparent

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Sustainability is one of the buzz-words around agriculture these days. Consumers want to know that the food they are purchasing is not only healthy but being grown in a responsible manner, one which will allow future generations to also have plenty of rich, fertile soil, clean water and air.  But what does sustainability really mean? … Read more »

Training the next generation to use draft power

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Tillers International is a 33-year-old not-for-profit organization that helps educate people about rural heritage. Among the programs they train people how to use draft animals be it horses, oxen or other animals around the globe. Peter Robertson says the “local foods” movement has encouraged more people to get back to the farm to raise food… Read more »

Ottawa Co. Ohio elects first female SWCD supervisor

Constance Sandwisch says being the first female Supervisor elected to the Ottawa County Ohio Soil and Water Conservation District Board is an honor and she’s excited to serve. “Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to a board,” Sandwisch said. “With my experience with my husband farming and some of the conservation… Read more »

Building an organic school and restaurant business

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Greg and Mary Reynolds of Minnesota were named Organic Farmers of the Year by the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). What started out as a garden has evolved into a certified organic farm which sells to restaurants and schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Greg talks about how the business works.

Pheasants Forever hires Farm Bill biologist

Pheasants Forever has hired Cody Tromberg as the organization’s new Farm Bill wildlife biologist in northwest Wisconsin. Partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  Pheasants Forever Farm Bill wildlife biologists are experts in conservation programs and habitat planning. The purpose of a Farm Bill biologist is to… Read more »

MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year

Greg and Mary Reynolds of Delano, Minnesota were honored as the Organic Farmers of the Year at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference this past weekend. Riverbend Farm is about 30 miles west of Minneapolis, it has been certified organic since 1994.  They grow about 10 acres of organic vegetables plus a few acres of cover… Read more »