Low-path avian flu in MO turkey flock

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A commercial turkey flock in southwest Missouri has been depopulated after a low-path strain of Avian Influenza was discovered through testing. Missouri Agriculture Director Richard Fordyce says it’s identified as the H5N1 strain of the virus, “Which is much different than what we saw last year when we had the outbreak of HIGH-path avian influenza… Read more »

USDA funding antimicrobial research

The USDA is making six million dollars available for antimicrobial research. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says a better understanding of how antibiotic resistance develops in both humans and animals is needed, and these funds will be used to help educate and identify alternative practices. The funding is available through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative… Read more »

Soybean cyst nematode management starts with testing

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Soybean growers are encouraged to determine whether fields are infested with soybean cyst nematode populations.  A specialist in managing the pest says control starts with testing.  Iowa State University soybean cyst nematode management specialist Greg Tylka calls the pest soybean growers’ public enemy number one and equates it with humans having high blood pressure. “You… Read more »

Organic farmer fears impacts of proposed animal welfare rule

An organic poultry farmer says USDA’s proposed animal welfare standards are extreme. “The proposed rule would drastically reduce our flock capacities and basically render our tens of millions of dollars of investments obsolete.” Third-generation Western Michigan egg farmer Greg Herbruck tells Brownfield some of the requirements in the proposed standard could compromise hen health and… Read more »

NPPC: Pork is safe to eat amid FDA review

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken the first step for the potential removal of approval of the drug Carbadox, used in pork production. Dr. Liz Wagstrom, chief veterinarian with the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), says the drug’s maker, Phibro, has agreed to that first step. Wagstrom tells Brownfield Ag News, “The FDA,… Read more »

Pork producers support advisory panel’s recommendations

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The chief veterinarian of the National Pork Producers Council says the organization is pleased with the recommendations issued by the White House advisory panel to address antibiotic resistant bacteria. Liz Wagstrom says the Presidential Advisory Council on Combatting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria suggested an all-inclusive approach that looks at the resistance issue from a human, animal… Read more »

Laminitis is one of several spring pasture concerns

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How do you reduce laminitis in horses?  The incidence of laminitis is about 2% a year in the U.S.  In the spring and summer it goes up to about 5%. Almost half of laminitis cases happen in animals at pasture.  Plants in the spring have a lot of simple sugars and other starches that when… Read more »

Parasitic threats to grazing cattle

An animal health expert is warning producers turning cattle to pasture that parasites from the grass can cause economic harm. Dr. Harold Newcomb with Merck Animal Health says for grazing livestock, there’s really no avoiding the problem. “From the day that animal takes its first bite of grass to the day it takes its last,… Read more »

What does anti-biotic-free meat and poultry mean?

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The federal government is requiring that food animals be raised with fewer antibiotics as growth promotants. But, still, meat and poultry producers must use antibiotics when their animals get sick. Does that mean the product contains antibiotics when we buy it at the store?  Tom Super with the National Chicken Council says consumers need to… Read more »

Spring pastures call but horses need time

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Your horses can’t wait to get onto those green, spring pastures but an equine specialist says you need to turn them out a little at a time for the good of your horses and your pasture. Krishona Martinson with the University of  Extension is our guest on Hoofbeat. Hoofbeat program – spring pasture