Soybean Rust found earlier than normal in the south

Soybean rust has been detected earlier than normal in southern states and an agronomist says the conditions are right for even more outbreaks.  Stephanie Porter with Burrus Seed says the disease definitely likes long, extended periods of wetness.  “It will cause disease when temperatures are anywhere from 60 to 85 degrees,” she says. While Soybean… Read more »

Wheat stripe rust spreading across Michigan

A Michigan State University Extension educator says outbreaks of wheat stripe rust are the most severe he’s ever seen. Martin Nagelkirk tells Brownfield wheat stripe rust was found a month earlier than normal.  “Spores have been generating for months now in southern states and a bit to our west and they have been raining down… Read more »

Seed treatments still paying off

A soybean specialist at the University of Wisconsin says even in a down farm economy seed treatments are still worth the investment. Shawn Conley tells Brownfield the farms in his area have seen significant yield increases. “Especially when we’re looking at the second generation neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatment.  That can be either the Poncho version of the… Read more »

U.S. unprepared for foreign animal disease outbreak

  A pork industry leader says the U.S. needs to be better prepared to handle a foreign animal disease outbreak. On Thursday, past president of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Dr. Howard Hill told a Senate Agriculture subcommittee hearing on livestock that foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) poses a serious threat to hog farmers. “USDA and… Read more »

NTF has 2 GMO labeling stipulations

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) is actively supporting two critical components of any GMO labeling bill coming from Congress, so says board director John Zimmerman of Minnesota. “One, that the bill maintains federal preemption for meat and poultry labeling.  And two, that it insures animals that are fed genetically engineered feed should not have to… Read more »

Warmer weather brings hope back to planting season

An ag researcher says while planting is behind in the Eastern Corn Belt, the recent cool temperatures may help slow down disease and pest pressures. Mark Seamon with the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee tells Brownfield slow emergence and cooler weather could be beneficial for fields with standing water.  “Where we have water logged soils—those diseases aren’t… Read more »

Verification side of food labeling debate

As the issue of food labeling garners more attention, a food policy advocate says third-party verification should continue to play a role. Lena Brook is with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and tells Brownfield there are established programs food companies are voluntarily using to verify their products are antibiotic or GMO-free. “We put a… Read more »

Missouri swine herd depopulated

A Missouri swine herd near an area of feral swine has been depopulated. The Missouri Department of Agriculture routinely tests for pseudorabies and brucellosis in feral swine. At-risk herds within a one to two mile radius are tested. The department says the herd of about 100 was likely infected by the feral hogs.  It has… Read more »

TB found during follow up testing in northern Michigan

The Michigan Department of Agriculture has confirmed a northern Michigan beef herd positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) after trace investigations of a recently infected herd. The medium-sized herd is in Alcona County. This is the 65th confirmed herd in Michigan and 16th in Alcona County since 1998. Beef and dairy cattle producers are invited to a… Read more »