Birds with avian flu won’t reach consumers

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Reports of the danger of avian flu from eating turkey and chicken are overplayed. Some animal rights activists are warning consumers about a danger of contracting avian flu from infected commercial turkeys and chickens. Richard Fordyce, Ag Department Director in Missouri where some turkey flocks have been infected by the H5N2 virus, says that is… Read more »

Avian flu affects individual growers, trade

The impact of avian flu outbreaks is felt by the affected growers, but a market analyst says, so far, the number is relatively low. “At this point, poultry production is not being affected,” said Will Sawyer, an animal protein analyst for Rabobank, “trade, unfortunately will be, and it’s something that will last at least until… Read more »

Compass Minerals manager says crops will only grow to what is limiting growth

The 2015 Commodity Classic came at a time when many in agriculture were turning their focus towards planting.  According to Collin Gyles, Nu-Trax P-plus product manager for Compass Minerals,  “(we’re) heading into a relatively uncertain planting period with commodity prices bouncing all over the place.  Farmers need to pay attention to what they are doing on… Read more »

BASF looking to partner with farmers

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, sent the message that they want to partner with farmers at the 2015 Commodity Classic.  Scott Kay, Vice President of U.S. crop, says BASF invests two million dollars every day in crop protection research and development.  Kay tells Brownfield that BASF is now taking steps to move… Read more »

Agrium agronomy manager says Corn Belt prone to Nitrogen loss

Alan Blaylock is manager of agronomy at Agrium Wholesale.  At the 2015 Commodity Classic he discussed a scenario in the Corn Belt that he says happens all too often. “By midsummer, farmers are saying their corn is turning yellow.  They lost their Nitrogen (N).  That late spring rain pushed it out.”  Blaylock tells Brownfield that… Read more »

Valent promotes new chemistry and essay contest

Valent USA unveiled a new seed treatment chemistry at the 2015 Commodity Classic.  Dawn Refsell, manager for field development in the Midwest for Valent, says agriculture in general is going thru a bit of a lull in development of new chemistry.  Valent’s new INTEGO seed treatment for soybeans features the first new active ingredients for pythium… Read more »

Channel is about the seedsmen

Channel Seed touted their “seedsmen” at the 2015 Commodity Classic.  Kacy Perry, Channel Brand Manager, says it’s all about the partnership the seedsmen have with their customers, “Seedmsen go out multiple times during the growing season; walk their customer’s fields to see how the crop is progressing.  To inspect what type of pressures, disease or… Read more »

Verdesian is about plant health and nutrition

Verdesian Life Sciences went on an acquisition spree upon opening their doors in 2012, in a quest to improve plant health for growers.  Ryan Bond, Vice President of Marketing and Technical Development, says the North Carolina-based company that now owns SFP, wants to improve plant health for growers.  According to Bond, Verdesian is aiming to drive Nitrogen and Phosphorus efficiency. Bond… Read more »

Avian influenza confirmed in Arkansas

  USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has confirmed the H5N2 strain of avian influenza has been found in a commercial turkey flock in Boone County, Arkansas.  The area has been quarantined and the flock of 40,000 turkeys will be depopulated. On Tuesday the virus was confirmed in flocks in Jasper and Moniteau… Read more »

Monsanto BioAg one year in

Monsanto BioAg is an alliance between Novozymes and Monsanto formed in February 2014.  Doug Dorsey, Monsanto BioAg marketing director, says this partnership allows them to be different from other microbial suppliers because of their separate research and development programs and the leveraging of Monsanto’s field testing network. Dorsey tells Brownfield that he has seen an evolution in… Read more »