AgSource opens Marshfield lab

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  Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Scott Larson presides over the festivities AgSource cut the ribbon on their new laboratory in Marshfield, Wisconsin on Thursday.  The new location provides three-times the space of the former Stratford lab.  The lab does milk and dairy analysis, food and product analysis, food and environmental analysis and water… Read more »

BioForward summit in Wisconsin

Bioforward held its annual Bioscience Vision Summit in Madison on Wednesday.  Founded in 1987 as the Wisconsin Biotechnology Association, BioForward is a partnership of leaders in the biotech industry in the state from medical, research, biofuels, food and agriculture.  The theme of this year’s summit is “Growth by Association,” highlighting the importance of opportunities to… Read more »

Two more CWD-positive deer found in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s State Veterinarian Dr. Paul McGraw says a couple of CWD-positive white tailed deer have been found in the state.  One was a two-year-old doe from a small deer farm in Richland County.  The other was a five-year-old buck taken at the Wilderness Whitetails hunting preserve in Marathon County.  Both infections were confirmed by the… Read more »

Class-action suits filed against Syngenta

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Class-action lawsuits have been filed by farmers against Syngenta for its release of the MIR162 or Agrisure Viptera genetically modified corn.  The suits filed in federal courts in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska allege Syngenta destroyed the Chinese market for U.S. corn.  The plaintiffs seek at least $1 billion in damages and also want… Read more »

Emerald ash borer spreads to 14 new Illinois counties

PHOTO: The emerald ash borer is smaller than a penny, but the insect’s effect on ash trees is devastating. This photo shows the borer’s size, as well as the serpentine channels that its larvae chew into the inner bark of ash trees. Photos courtesy Illinois The Emerald Ash Borer, a pest responsible for killing millions… Read more »

Get to know Animal Health International

Animal Health International is the largest privately-held distributor of animal health products in North America.  Bill Sirico says the company was created when Lextron Incorporated purchased Walco International in 2011.  Today they have 72 distribution centers and 400 sales representatives distributing products from more than 1,500 manufacturers.  The company also has their own line of… Read more »

PEDV down for summer but prepare for fall

The number of PEDV cases in pigs this summer was expected to go down and Dr. Paul Sundberg, veterinarian with the National Pork Board, says it did… “It did act as we expected and the number of new infections over the summer, thankfully, decreased dramatically. So, that’s a good thing.” Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus prefers… Read more »

A closer look at irrigating manure

The use of irrigation equipment for spreading manure is gaining popularity.  Center pivots and travelling guns can go in a field that is too wet for tankers, there is no need to run heavy tankers repeatedly over rural roads and it usually is more cost-efficient. However, there are objections to the practice, the biggest being… Read more »

Selecting for next year

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As the combines get ready to roll on this year’s corn crop comes time to make decisions for next year’s seed.  Plant geneticist Rick Batty with Renk says given the weather extremes of the last three years…the decision is actually quite easy.  

Sudden Death Syndrome an issue this year

Early planting and wet weather in the growing season have contributed to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and other fungal diseases in soybeans in the Midwest.  Carl Bradley, plant pathologist with the University of Illinois, says there’s little a farmer can do once it’s present…and yield loss will vary. “It really just kind of depends on… Read more »