Work continues to reopen trade doors following avian flu outbreak

The leader of the Minnesota Turkey Growers says work continues to reopen trade doors following the avian influenza outbreak. Steve Olson tells Brownfield USDA is in talks with trading partners who banned turkey exports from the U.S. once the virus hit. “To help them understand how we use the vaccine; how it’s different than how… Read more »

Bats help manage corn earworm damage

A researcher has found that bats are a huge help to corn growers when it comes to pest control. Josiah Maine is an environmental scientist who conducted the research during the 2013/’14 growing season while a graduate student at Southern Illinois University. Maine tells Brownfield Ag News, “Our experiment showed that bats are pretty valuable to… Read more »

Some corn stalk degradation in Wisconsin

There appears to be a fair amount of stalk degradation in corn fields in Central and Western Wisconsin. Mike Weiss, Technical Agronomist with DEKALB/Asgrow says it is mainly south of Highway 29. He believes there are two reasons for it: one is from Northern Corn Leaf Blight which shut-down some varieties early and left them… Read more »

Great Lakes Crop Summit set for January

Coordinators say the Great Lakes Crop Summit offers educational resources for all crop farms. Natalie Rector spearheads the summit which is coordinated by the Michigan corn, soybean and wheat checkoffs. She says this year’s event will address the many different parts of a farm. “Farmers have to cover an awful large gamut of topics to… Read more »

Difficult growing conditions good for research

The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee says a challenging growing season like this one is beneficial for research trials. Research Coordinator Mark Seamon says while some growers may be dealing with sudden death syndrome, white mold or soybean cyst nematodes, the checkoff is working with researchers to help farmers find management solutions, “Especially with the Michigan… Read more »

2015 a tough year to base decisions off of

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Weather related issues, especially too much moisture in the Spring, has led to an uneven growing season in states like Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Burrus sales agronomist Matt Montgomery says for farmers hit by excessive rains, 2015 will be a very difficult year to base decisions off of. “My thought process on that goes… Read more »

Tar spot found in Illinois corn samples

The new fungal leaf disease “Tar Spot” has been confirmed in samples taken from three Illinois counties. Purdue University researchers identified the disease in Indiana two weeks ago. The findings in LaSalle, DeKalb and Bureau counties in northern Illinois have been confirmed by the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection lab in Beltsville, Maryland. Only one… Read more »

Disease pressure is spotty

Purdue Extension plant pathologist Kiersten Wise says diseases are causing some yield loss in both corn and soybeans this fall. She tells Brownfield Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) has been found in parts of the state.  “The impact of Sudden Death Syndrome has been spotty depending on where you are,” she says.  “Some fields are experiencing… Read more »

Battling corn diseases

A crop protection specialist says growers should use the past two years’ yield losses from northern corn leaf blight as a learning tool when they plan for next year. Bond McGinnis with DuPont Crop Protection says conditions were right for the disease again this year.  “We had pressure from last year – and the organisms… Read more »