Wisconsin lifts one avian influenza quarantine

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture has released the quarantine on the mixed poultry flock in Juneau County.  The flock of 33 birds was confirmed to have the H5N2 avian influenza virus on April 16th.  The flock was depopulated and extensive testing and monitoring in the area have found no further infections.  The ban on poultry… Read more »

DuPont Pioneer agronomist on crop progress in SE Minnesota

Corn emergence in Minnesota improved to 72 percent last week and an agronomist with DuPont Pioneer says he’s not too concerned about the recent stretch of cool weather affecting the crop. Josh Shofner covers the southeastern part of the state and tells Brownfield he is concerned about soybeans. “Soybeans, anytime you get cooler and wet,… Read more »

Michigan Corn reminds farmers of FSA deadlines

Conservation Compliance forms need to filed for farmers using crop insurance this year.  Angel Jenio, Communications Specialist for Michigan Corn, reminds farmers to apply by June 1 to meet the deadline.  She says farmers can contact the local Farm Service Agency for more details. AUDIO: Interview with Angel Jenio (1:59 mp3):

Seed treatments on early planted crops

Seed treatments can help early planted crops fight soil pathogens.  Jack Lemmerman, Account Manager for DuPont Pioneer in Southwest Michigan, says they allow the seed to germinate and emerge uniformly.  He says the type of treatment depends on what’s being planted and the farmer’s cropping practices. “It really depends on his cultural practices from the… Read more »

Conservation compliance deadline approaching

The USDA’s Conservation Compliance deadline is a few weeks away.  Chris White, Michigan Farm Service Agency State Executive Director, says farmers who have never filed for Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation Certification, and only have crop insurance need to apply. “If you purchase crop insurance and you have never filed an AD-1026, please… Read more »

Avian flu leads to bird exhibit cancellations

The avian influenza outbreak in Minnesota has led to the cancellation of all bird exhibits at county fairs, the State Fair and other gatherings of birds. State Fair general manager Jerry Hammer says the Board of Animal Health made the right decision. “We’re behind it (the decision) 100 percent.  Agriculture is what the Fair is… Read more »

New avian flu economic study shows losses over 300 million dollars

The avian influenza outbreak has cost the Minnesota poultry industry more than 309 million dollars according to University of Minnesota Extension. The newly released economic impact analysis determined that for every million dollars in direct losses to either turkey production or egg laying chickens, the estimated ripple effect has led to 1.8 million in overall… Read more »

Wisconsin launches “Food Armor” accreditation program

Managing for Profit copy

The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) has certified its first “Food Armor Accredited Veterinarian.”  Dr. Glen Johnson of Reedsburg is the first to complete the training program designed to help livestock farms establish a Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan for proper medication use on the farm.  Dr. Katie MrDutt is with WVMA,… Read more »

Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee makes some budgetary changes

The Wisconsin State Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee took action on some ag-related budget items on Tuesday. The JFC approved $250,000 annually for a farmer-led watershed initiative to reduce nonpoint source pollution.  Farmers would be able to voluntarily work together to create watershed projects and implement conservation practices.  Grants will be available for up to $20,000… Read more »

U.W. Extension could take big hit

If the Wisconsin state legislature goes-through with the proposed $300 million cut for the University of Wisconsin system; U.W. Extension could lose 65 to 80 positions.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Extension has an annual budget of about $220 million with some coming from other sources but the state cuts would result in “the most… Read more »