Parts of Indiana could see total crop loss

Some farmers in southwest Indiana are looking at total crop loss from this year’s flooding. Just looking at the river bottom farm ground – it looks like the river is just really high.  While that is the case – that isn’t the whole story. Randy Kron farms in southwest Indiana and has about 500 acres… Read more »

House passes GMO labeling act

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The House passed H.R. 1599; the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. On a 275-150 vote; 230 Republicans and 45 Democrats voted “yes”: 12 Republicans and 138 Democrats voted “no”.  The bill establishes a national standard allowing food companies to label a product “non-GMO” if they so-choose. It does not require labeling if a product… Read more »

Poultry producers prepare for return of avian flu in the fall

Minnesota turkey producers are preparing for a return of avian influenza this fall. Turkey Growers Association executive director Steve Olson says the spread of the virus has slowed this summer because of increased biosecurity efforts and other factors. “Weather has been a huge factor because the virus does not survive in the warmer temperatures or… Read more »

AI vaccine looks promising

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U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack told the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday scientists have developed a vaccine that is 100 percent effective against avian influenza in chickens. Testing is currently underway to determine its effectiveness on turkeys. USDA says the vaccine seed strain was developed by the Ag Department’s Southeast Poultry Research Lab. It targets the… Read more »

TB confirmed in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed a small Alcona beef herd positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) during routine testing. This is the second case of TB this year and the 62nd confirmed herd since 1998 in Michigan. Beef and dairy cattle producers are invited to an information meeting in Alcona county August… Read more »

What ag education needs to do

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One of the biggest challenges facing agriculture is finding enough people to raise, process and deliver the food in the years ahead. There are fewer people living on farms so there are fewer “farm kids’ available. That means the industry needs to attract non-farm people and that starts in the classroom. AGree, a collaborative effort… Read more »

Legislative conference seeks HSUS investigation

Delegates to the Midwestern Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments (CSG) last week passed a resolution calling on their states’ attorneys general to investigate the fundraising efforts of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The resolution states while HSUS promotional materials give the impression that dogs and cats are the main… Read more »

USDA prepares for further avian flu outbreaks

The USDA is bracing for more possible avian influenza cases once the weather cools this fall.  U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has command and communication structures in place at the regional, state and county levels in case of further outbreaks. “We’re… Read more »

Segregate wheat during harvest

Wheat harvest is behind and quality is poor in many parts of Michigan. DuPont Pioneer Account Manager Chris Creguer says farmers should have a proactive conversation with their local elevator and crop insurance agent to plan on dealing with quality issues. “Unfortunately, while we’ve seen some very good yields for the most part, the frequent… Read more »

Minnesota turkey farms restocking

Thirty-nine out of the 108 turkey farms in Minnesota affected by avian influenza are now eligible to restock.  Turkey Growers Association executive director Steve Olson says the remaining 69 farms are finishing up the disinfecting process. “Then the barn will sit empty for 21 days, they’ll take environmental samples.  Then if everything goes smooth there,… Read more »