Baking industry says foreign egg products necessary

The American baking industry says foreign imports of eggs and egg products will be needed to deal with the downturn in supply caused by avian flu. Cory Martin, with the American Baking Association, says the loss of domestic egg supply from the virus has hit the restaurant industry and others harder than the baking industry… Read more »

USDA prepares for avian flu to reach ALL flyways

The nation’s top veterinarian tells egg producers he expects the avian influenza virus will be in the fourth flyway this fall, along with the others. WATT Ag Net says Dr. John Clifford, USDA Veterinarian, said the USDA is preparing for the worst. Speaking to members of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC), Clifford… Read more »

The H5N2 factor

The impact of avian influenza clearly evident in the latest Chicken and Eggs report from USDA.  U.S. egg production totaled 8 billion in May down 5 percent from a year ago.  There were 342 million laying hens in the country also down 5 percent from May of last year. Hens producing table or market eggs… Read more »

Downy Mildew confirmed

Michigan State University Extension has confirmed early season reports of cucumber downy mildew.  Downy mildew is a highly destructive foliar disease affecting cucurbit vegetables including cucumbers, watermelons and cantaloupe.  Spore traps in major production regions indicate outbreaks are not widespread.  MSU Extension says given the wet and humid conditions this summer, growers are encouraged to… Read more »

Pest and disease outbreaks expected

Wet and humid growing conditions have farmers worried about potential crop damage. According to the Great Lakes ag statistic office, just short of three days were suitable for fieldwork last week in Michigan.  Some farmers reported significantly worsened crop conditions in fields with poor drainage and excessive rainfall.  Corn, soybeans, dry beans and sugarbeets across… Read more »

Report reflects impact of avian flu on Minnesota poultry

The impact of avian influenza on Minnesota poultry is reflected in new numbers from USDA. In the latest Chicken and Egg Report, the National Ag Statistics Service shows egg production in the state down 14 percent from April to May, and four percent lower than a year ago. The average number of all layers on… Read more »

Severe storms bringing damage and disease

Wet, humid weather is expected to continue this week and disease pressures could be rampant. Matt Davis, DuPont Pioneer Account Manager in the West Central region of Michigan, says farmers may experience nitrogen loss in corn and reduced nodulation in soybeans due to recent heavy rains and cooler nights. He says sudden death syndrome, brown… Read more »

Low interest loans available to Minnesota poultry producers

The Minnesota Legislature has appropriated 10 million dollars to the state Rural Finance Authority to assist poultry producers affected by avian flu. Loan manager Ryan Roles says RFA will work with ag lenders across Minnesota. “What that means is we can purchase up to 45 percent of the loan.  What we have right now is… Read more »

Midwest rainfall worrisome for wheat

Storm systems moving through the southeastern Plains and beyond are expected to slow down wheat harvest and contribute to disease problems. Martin Nagelkirk with Michigan State University Extension tells Brownfield, humid and wet weather is a concern for fusarium head scab in wheat. “When we get conditions such as this we get a little bit… Read more »

All those technologies!

Managing for Profit copy

There are a lot of different technologies available to help manage a dairy cow.  What works?  What doesn’t work?  Which are good investments?  Dr. Jeff Bewley has just about everything offered strapped-on to the dairy cows at the University of Kentucky, he talks about what to look for when selecting technologies and what information is… Read more »