Letter requests continued investment in fight against antibiotic resistance

A group of major food retailers, infectious disease researchers and policy organizations sent a letter to congressional appropriators last week requesting continued investment in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Cargill, Tyson Foods, McDonalds, Walmart and Costco were among the companies urging Congress to include funding in the fiscal 2017 appropriations bill to support implementation of… Read more »

The case for having your vet vaccinate your horses

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Karen Waite with Michigan State University Extension says one of the reasons for having your vet vaccinate your horses, instead of doing it yourself, is to have that verification. HOOFBEAT – Veterinarians take risk out of vaccinating horses yourself  

FDA finalizes interim BSE rules

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized three interim rules (from 2004 through 2008) that reduce the potential risk of BSE in human food. The final rule defines cattle materials that are prohibited in human food, dietary supplements and cosmetics. It confirms that milk and milk products, certain hides and tallow are not prohibited… Read more »

Pork industry outreach needed on genome editing

The director of the Minnesota Pork Board says the industry needs to proactively reach out across the food chain in preparation for technology that could make animals resistant to disease. David Preisler tells Brownfield genome editing is being researched by both the University of Missouri and Edinburgh University in Scotland. “It’s probably not going to… Read more »

Is biosecurity lacking in the U.S. equine industry?

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Improvements in livestock biosecurity have come about in the last several years because of foreign animal disease outbreaks in the U.S. But, Karen Waite, with Michigan State University Extension, says the horse industry has much to learn from livestock producers. Last year, Michigan had an Equine Herpes Virus outbreak.

Michigan Bovine TB Conference planned

A veterinarian says interstate movement of cattle with traces of bovine tuberculosis from Texas to Michigan has caused an influx of herd testing. Michigan Department of Agriculture’s Assistant State Veterinarian Dr. Rick Smith tells Brownfield Michigan has been battling bovine TB since the late 90s when it was confirmed in a free-ranging deer population, but… Read more »

Collaboration necessary in biosecurity

Every disease outbreak offers lessons that all of animal agriculture can learn from. Edward Malek works as an independent contractor for emergency response in the U.S and Canada. He tells Brownfield the entire industry is becoming more aware of the importance of biosecurity.  “We need to identify as to what’s coming on our farms and… Read more »

USDA-APHIS evaluating poultry indemnity calculator

The USDA is evaluating how it calculates the value of poultry in its indemnity program. Incoming deputy chief economist Dr. Warren Preston says in the wake of the avian influenza outbreak last year, finding a fair price for lost birds proved to be quite challenging. “We don’t have market prices for the animals.  With a… Read more »

Minnesota Turkey Growers monitoring avian flu in Indiana

The executive director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association says the industry is paying close attention to the recent avian flu outbreak in Indiana. Steve Olson tells Brownfield that while new cases of infected flocks were somewhat expected, he was surprised to learn of a different strain. “This (strain) is specific to North America.  Indiana… Read more »