Dropping temps and PEDv

The forecast for dropping temperatures may be causing pork producers to flashback to last winter and the outbreak of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv). State Veterinarian (in Ohio) Dr. Tony Forshey says there’s reason for concern. “We’re going to go in here now with still a population of our swine that don’t have a lot… Read more »

Fighting back against soybean seedling diseases

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Farmers and agronomists across the Midwest are reporting more problems with soybean seedling diseases in the spring, especially phytophthora and pythium. Dr. Alison Robertson, Iowa State University plant pathologist, says some of that is due to the earlier planting and minimum tillage that is taking place.  She says “up-and-down” spring weather conditions are also a factor…. Read more »

Sandeen named chancellor at Wisconsin

Dr. Cathy Sandeen has been named the next chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges and U.W. Extension.  Sandeen has been vice president for Education Attainment and Innovation at the American Council on Education in Washington D.C. since 2012.  Prior to that she served as dean of Continuing Education for UCLA Extension from 2006 to… Read more »

Valent’s Intego Suite System–making every seed count

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Valent recently held a series of meetings to educate retailers on “the hidden threat of Phytophthora and Pythium”. They also discussed how Valent’s new soybean seed protection product, Intego Suite System, will help in the fight against those yield-robbing soybean seedling diseases. Leading the technical discussion of the diseases at the Omaha meeting was Dr…. Read more »

Texas, USDA authorities work to contain cattle ticks

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The USDA and Texas state authorities have established a temporary preventative quarantine zone in the far southern tip of Texas following the discovery of cattle fever ticks outside that state’s permanent quarantine area. “We have now seven infested premises that we found just in the last few months,” said Dr. Dee Ellis, Texas State Veterinarian,… Read more »

Assess your Johne’s risk

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Ken Olson is Outreach Coordinator for the Johne’s Disease Integrated Program which has joined with other interested parties to form the Mycobacterial Diseases of Animals Multi-State Initiative.  They have expanded their work to not only Johne’s disease but Bovine Tuberculosis as well.  Olson says they have developed a process for farmers to determine the risk… Read more »

Increasing the Johne’s Disease fight

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The people fighting Johne’s Disease in the United States are expanding their strategy to include Bovine Tuberculosis.  Ken Olson is Outreach Coordinator for the Johne’s Disease Integrated Program, he talks about the expanded effort and the new Mycobacterial Diseases of Animals multi-state initiative. Olson talks about the effort:

Rabobank says hog market “cooling down”

Rabobank has published its quarterly Global Pork Industry Report and it says “the heated international markets are slowly cooling down.” The bank’s Food & Agribusiness Research team says that, although the peak of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) outbreak is past, the global pork industry faces another challenge from Russia’s import ban.  That ban… Read more »

WTO decision favors U.S. poultry producers

A World Trade Organization panel has found in favor of the U.S. in challenging India’s ban on poultry-meat, eggs, and live hogs.  India imposed the ban allegedly to protect against avian influenza.  The panel agreed with the U.S. assertion that India’s ban ran counter to some international trade rules, including that it was imposed without… Read more »

AgSource opens Marshfield lab

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  Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Scott Larson presides over the festivities AgSource cut the ribbon on their new laboratory in Marshfield, Wisconsin on Thursday.  The new location provides three-times the space of the former Stratford lab.  The lab does milk and dairy analysis, food and product analysis, food and environmental analysis and water… Read more »