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‘Shining the light’ on pork production

As members of the general public drive through the country, they no doubt wonder what is taking place in those long, white buildings off in the distance.

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association (NPPA) has found a unique way to “shine the light” on what is happening in those hog finishing barns. 

NPPA has purchased five model finishing barns that are used for educational purposes in schools, and at county fairs and other events.   The model barn is 2½ feet wide by 6 feet long.  The roof opens to give people a look at the layout of the finishing facility.  It even has tiny pigs.

At World Pork Expo, we visited with NPPA’s youth education director Kyla Wize about the model finishing barn project, as well as the NPPA’s youth mentoring program.

AUDIO: Kyla Wize (5:25 MP3)


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  • I live 1/2 mile from a hog factory. Does this “dollhouse” display come with gestation crates and the stench of thousands of hogs and of hundreds of thousands of gallons of hog waste?

  • Hi Carl
    I’m sorry that you’ve had a negative experience with a hog farm. We are constantly working to improve how we care for pigs, people and the planet.

    This educational model is a finishing barn – pigs will come to this barn when they are about two months old and will stay in the barn where they are protected from weather extremes, diseases and predators until they are full grown.

    If you have other questions or would just like to talk, please let me know!

    Kyla Wize
    Nebraska Pork Producers Association

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