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Preparing for FMD

The United States hasn’t seen a case of FMD, or Foot and Mouth Disease since the late 1920’s.  Dr. Gay Miller professor of epidemiology and preventative medicine at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine says that’s because the preventative measures that are currently in place have protected us so far.  “It isn’t a question of if it will ever occur in this country – it is a question of when,” she says.  “We hope that ‘when’ is always out there in the future, but we are doing things to deal with the eventuality that  would have an outbreak.”

Miller tells Brownfield being prepared is extremely important.  Why?  Because she says while FMD does cause tremendous illness in animals – it can also be an economic trade disease.  “Once a country is recognized as being FMD positive their ability to export products is markedly hampered,” she says.  “All of our trading partners would go away.”

Creating challenges for animal agriculture across all levels. 

AUDIO: Dr. Gay Miller, U of I College of Vet Medicine, (6:20mp3)

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  • FMD is not something to fool with. So why move the research from a secure island off the main land US (Plum Island) to the middle of Kansas? We are just asking for trouble. It is not a matter of if it will escape the new testing facility, it is a question of when. Ask the farmers in England.

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