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Industry answers consumers’ GMO questions

Questions about genetically modified foods, GMO seeds and what they mean to our diets are answered by the industry in a new interactive web tool.

Jodi Cohen, Global Communications Lead for the Bayer CropScience Seeds Business, tells Brownfield it’s an industry initiative of all the major biotech companies.Jodi Cohen, Bayer CropScience_EDIT

“Consumers, as you know, fear what they don’t know and they fear the unknown and there’s so much misinformation out there and they’re being misguided. What GMO Answers attempts to do is to say, you know what, now it’s time for us to come to you to say, ask anything you want.”

Cohen says GMO Answers is a platform for the industry to open the dialogue with consumers.

“We are not going to answer them just with science, just with reviews, just with scientists. We are going to answer them with the facts. And the facts are that it’s safe, it’s reliable, it’s going to feed the 9.6 Billion (people) as of 2050 and there’s NO reason to fear this food.”

Brownfield Ag News interviewed Cohen at the 2013 Farm Progress Show.

The website is www.GMOAnswers.com

Interview with Jodi Cohen (4:00 mp3)


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