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Egg producer favors proposed farm bill measure

Joe MillerA United Egg Producers (UEP) member says the so-called egg bill proposed to be part of the next farm bill will provide an important standard across the U.S.

Joe Miller, the general counsel for egg producer Rose Acre Farms, says statutes in several states left questions that resulted in virtually halting the construction of new chicken houses because producers don’t know what to build. Those statutes stipulated cage sizes, but they differed from state to state. Miller told Brownfield Ag News that the proposed measure fixes that.

“States can’t pass state laws that say you have to have a certain cage size, such as California, Oregon, the state of Washington, Michigan and Ohio, [which] have all passed statutes saying that if you use cages, they have to be a certain size,” said Miller Wednesday, at the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) Stakeholders Summit in Arlington, Va. “It’s just that all their sizes are different.”

More importantly, said Miller, the bill, a controversial compromise between the UEP and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), allows what Miller said the animal activist group has opposed for years – cages.

“This legislation says that there is a standard size for cages that HSUS has accepted, ‘yes, it’s ok to have chickens in cages,’” he said.

Miller was part of the program during the AAA Stakeholder’s Summit.

AUDIO: Joe Miller (6 min. MP3)

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