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A conversation with HSUS’ Paul Shapiro-Part II

In the second part of his interview with Paul Shapiro, senior director of the factory farm campaign for the Humane Society of the United States, Brownfield’s Ken Anderson quizzes Shapiro about HSUS true motives.  Shapiro, an outspoken promoter of vegetarianism and veganism, is asked about past statements he has made, including “Eating meat causes animal cruelty”.   He says it’s all about animal welfare and denies that the “anti-meat” convictions of HSUS’ leadership team is what drives their efforts.

AUDIO: Paul Shapiro (14:30 MP3)

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  • Actually there is nothing that does not sound totally reasonable within this interview. And it’s true – the practices that were once seen as acceptable would be shunned by most people today. Our moral compass has always pointed towards compassion… It’s a shame people in animal agriculture resist this virtue that is the best within our species.

  • The fact of the matter is mortality among cage free birds is often two times higher than that of caged birds…..how is it that a method w/ such a higher mortality would be considered more humane? He’s living in a dream world! Since when is someone that is not of an agricultural profession more knowledgeable of how to properly take care of their animals? Farmers care about their animals…they are not going to “bite the hand that feeds them.” Happy animals yield better results! If you don’t take proper care of your animals they are not going to have good production!!! It’s time for Paul & HSUS to accept the facts!!!

  • …”The fact of the matter is mortality among cage free birds is often two times higher than that of caged birds…”…

    Please sight references for this statement.

    Having worked with both caged and free range birds the mortality rate for caged birds appeared to be much higher for the caged birds.

    I look forward to you response.

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