NPPC fighting to preserve antibiotics use

Environmental groups, public-health groups and others opposed to the use of antibiotics in livestock production continue to push for tighter restrictions on the use of those products.  The most recent development is a ruling by a federal judge in New York, who found that the FDA behaved in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner when it… Read more »

Combo vaccine offers benefits

The 3FLEX combination vaccine from Boehringer Ingelheim makes vaccinating against three of the most critical diseases in the swine industry a convenient, one-shot process. 3FLEX offers a combination package with Porcine Circovirus, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) vaccines that are USDA-approved for mixing and administering in one shot. At World Pork… Read more »

President elect says pork industry looks bright

World Pork Expo provides pork producers the information they need to best manage their operations. National Pork Producers Council President Elect Randy Spronk says this year’s Pork Expo has plenty of information for producers utilize. As Spronk look ahead to the remainder of 2012 – he says things look pretty good for the pork industry.

NPPC monitoring farm bill activities

The National Pork Producers Council has a keen interest in the 2012 farm bill.  At a World Pork Expo news conference, one of the co-chairs of the NPPC’s farm bill task force, Sam Carney of Adair, Iowa, talked about items of importance to pork producers—including a catastrophic risk-management insurance program study, beginning farmer and rancher… Read more »

Cool technology to fight heat stress

According to Kim Boccardi, marketing & product manager for specialty ingredients with ADM Alliance Nutrition, ADM research has aggressively pursued natural, nutritional solutions to avoid the performance slump in swine caused by summer heat stress. The result is Thermal Care, a combination of several nutritional additives, each with its own distinctive impact on heat stress.  Boccardi… Read more »

Pfizer stresses ‘individual pig care’

At the World Pork Expo trade show, we stopped by the Pfizer Animal Health booth and visited with Marty Frankhouser, marketing manager for strategic services, and Dr. Darrell Neuberger, pork technical services veterinarian. Frankhouser gave us an update on Pfizer’s Individual Pig Care program, while Neuberger filled us in the new flexible dose label for Fostera… Read more »

Circovirus ‘is still out there’

Porcine circovirus (PCV) became a serious problem in the U.S. about six years ago.  Thanks to effective vaccines, the disease has been brought under control, but as Dr. Brad Thacker, technical services veterinarian with Merck Animal Health reminds us in this World Pork Expo interview, circovirus “is still out there.” AUDIO: Brad Thacker (2:32 MP3)  … Read more »

Pork exports still a bright spot

One of the real bright spots in the pork industry has been the continued strength in the pork export market.  During a World Pork Expo news conference, NPPC president R.C. Hunt, a pork producer from Wilson, North Carolina, gave us an update on current pork export challenges and opportunities. AUDIO: R.C. Hunt (7:29 MP3)  

‘Shining the light’ on pork production

As members of the general public drive through the country, they no doubt wonder what is taking place in those long, white buildings off in the distance. The Nebraska Pork Producers Association (NPPA) has found a unique way to “shine the light” on what is happening in those hog finishing barns.  NPPA has purchased five… Read more »

The reemergence of swine dysentery

According to Novartis Animal Health professional services veterinarian Dr. Mark Hammer, swine dysentery has definitely reemerged and has become a growing problem for pork producers. Hammer says this contagious disease appears to have started in the eastern U.S., and veterinary reports indicate it has now spread to the Midwest. We visited with Dr. Hammer at the… Read more »