ImmuCell protects from a calf’s early stages

  ImmuCell produces what the company’s website describes as scientifically-proven and practical products that result in a measurable economic impact on animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. Some are intended to protect calves at an early age. “We’ve got several different products on the market that actually make that calf have… Read more »

SiloStop helps preserve bunker silage piles

The biggest enemy of bunker silage piles is waste. The greater amount of silage exposed to the elements, the less usable silage is available as feed. Keith Bolsen provides tech support for a product called SiloStop that he says is an oxygen barrier protecting silage from waste. “SiloStop film keeps oxygen away from the surface… Read more »

Cattle pregnancy test began as test for deer, elk

The founder of BioTracking, the maker of BioPRYN, an early pregnancy test for cattle, first went into business with a product to detect pregnancy in wildlife. As the technology improved, business moved to pregnancy tests for beef and dairy cattle. Two CCs of an animal’s blood is analyzed for a protein indicating pregnancy. “This protein… Read more »

When choosing vaccines consider ‘safety first’

Reproductive performance is critical to the financial success of a dairy farm. Good nutrition, appropriate vaccinations along with proper management are three of the cornerstones, according to Dr. Doug Scholz, Director of Veterinary Services for Novartis Animal Health. He cites recent research into the use of modified live IBR vaccines at breeding time and in… Read more »

Purina announces improvements to AMPLI-Calf

On their website, Purina describes AMPLI-Calf as “a blend of unique, proprietary ingredients that has been proven to increase feed intake, weight gain and overall height of young dairy calves.” Talking to Dick Poeppel at the World Dairy Expo, who’s with Purina in the dairy nutrition area, it’s easy to tell his enthusiasm for the… Read more »

Udder Tech – the company known for its pink overalls

Companies begin with innovations and innovations grow out of need. Cheryl Mohn was determined to be more efficient in her dairy barn and devised a way to dispense towels from a fanny pack. So began the Towel Tote and that became the flagship of Udder Tech, which markets water proof apparel popular with dairy producers,… Read more »

Central Life Sciences has fly control solutions

Nuisance flies can cost cattle producers over $1 billion a year. These pests also increase cattle stress, lower resistance to illness, and affect feeding to the point of causing fluctuations in weight gain. “We’ve got about 45 different ways to kill a fly,” said Tracy Harris, Central Life Sciences’ director of ag sales, in an… Read more »

GEA driven by need for productivity

Since 1926, GEA Farm Technologies has been known for technical innovation and animal hygiene in milk production. Along those lines, GEA is also known for manure systems and livestock barn equipment. Channel management vice-president Steve Pretz, relaying some of the company’s history to Brownfield Ag News, says some of the more familiar brands that have… Read more »

Young exhibitor puts stock in preparation

When Sarah Rhoades has a show in her future, all of her early mornings are spent in the barn washing and milking her Milking Shorthorn cow. It paid off. When the 13-year-old Greenville, Ohio exhibitor was in the ring for the first round at the World Dairy Expo, she took all comers in that class…. Read more »

Since 1939 BouMatic is efficient, gentle on cows

BouMatic is a U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of milking systems and dairy farm equipment including milking parlors, herd management systems, milk cooling systems, dairy hygiene chemicals, udder healthcare products, hoof care products and dairy supplies and dairy equipment spare parts. The company does business globally. Marketing Vice-President Lisa O’Connor told Brownfield Ag News that BouMatic… Read more »