2016 pork outlook remains steady

A new report from Rabobank says global pork demand will likely remain weak for the first part of 2016 and prices should improve by the second half of this year. Animal protein analyst Will Sawyer tells Brownfield 2015 had nearly historically high pork supply levels –  is still weighing on the market. “We think supply… Read more »

Ethanol matters more than ever

A top political reporter in Iowa says the Renewable Fuels Standard continues to be a combustible topic among the Presidential hopefuls. Kay Henderson, news director for Brownfield’s sister network Radio Iowa, says the RFS has been one of the top ag issues talked about on the campaign trail since last May. “The Iowa Renewable Fuels… Read more »

Looking for additional revenue opportunities

A northwest Indiana farmer says he isn’t just looking for ways to cut input costs heading into another year of potentially tight margins. Don Wyss says he is also looking for ways to add additional value to his crop to increase revenue.  “We are participating in some of those commodities to bring about premium for… Read more »

Agriculture and the 2016 election

Top Story

The first test of the 2016 Election season is Monday. O. Kay Henderson, news director for Brownfield’s sister network Radio Iowa says there are four agricultural issues presidential hopefuls have been focusing as they’ve been campaigning through Iowa.  Those are the Renewable Fuels Standard, farm subsidies, Waters of the US, and trade – specifically the… Read more »

Increased record requirements for poultry purchases

Indiana’s Board of Animal Health says the recent discovery of avian influenza in southwest Indiana reinforces the need for increased recordkeeping requirements.  The new requirements for Hoosier poultry owners buying and selling birds were adopted last October. Under the new law, all sellers and buyers of poultry in the state must maintain records of flock… Read more »

Precision tools are maximizing return on investment

A central Wisconsin farmer says by utilizing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a crop management tool, her family farm increased productivity significantly in 2015. Megan Wallendal says by using a UAV and the correct software to scout her fields she was able to proactively manage crops to prevent yield loss before it happened.  “If you get… Read more »

Economics of TPP to benefit US most, report says

A new report by a think-tank on the potential economic benefits of the Trans Pacific Partnership says the U.S. stands to benefit the most of the countries involved. The Peterson Institute for International Economics published a report last week saying yearly exports will increase wages for U.S. workers, grow the economy, and increase exports by… Read more »

Bill Gates reiterates support for GMOs

Bill Gates is not backing down in his support of genetic engineering to improve food crops. The billionaire philanthropist, co-founder of Microsoft, expressed his support for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in an interview with the Wall Street Journal following the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “What are called GMOs are done by changing… Read more »

Animal protein outlook positive

A new report from CoBank says animal protein markets could improve by the middle of 2016. Animal protein economist Trevor Amen tells Brownfield strong consumer demand has helped market conditions. And as the U.S. becomes more price competitive, export demand is also expected to improve.  “The speed of this transition will really rely on the… Read more »

International Year of Pulses

2016 has been declared the International Year of Pulses by the United Nations. Janice Rueda, who works as a nutritionist for ADM’s value-added dry bean ingredients division, tells Brownfield there’s a lack of consumer awareness of pulse crops which include dry beans, chickpeas, dried peas and lentils. “Legumes in particular are not widely consumed, although… Read more »