Uncertainty heading into harvest

Heading into harvest there is concern about this corn and soybean crop will actually yield. Jack Spalding, district sales manager for Seed Consultants says potential yield loss varies.  “Planting dates were a big issue on how crops responded to wet weather,” he says.  “A warm August and warm September with ample rain should help in some… Read more »

Glass Barn to host Veggies in Space live chat

For the first time in history astronauts grew, harvested, and ate food grown in space this week through NASA’s Vegetable Production System Program or VEGGIE. VEGGIE is a plant growth facility on the International Space Station and gives researchers the opportunity to develop the capabilities of growing fresh produce and other plants in space. According… Read more »

Crumbling infrastructure poses challenges for agriculture

Infrastructure is vitally important to transporting Indiana’s agricultural goods.  During an informal Town Hall meeting with Governor Mike Pence at the Indiana State Fair on Wednesday, farmer Mike Beard brought up the state’s crumbling infrastructure.  “The ratings for our roads and our local bridges have gone backwards,” he says.  “We’ve been spending the last few… Read more »

53 counties receive disaster declaration

Indiana farmers that have suffered crop losses from excessive rainfall and flooding can breathe a little easier. Farm Service Agency state executive director Julia Wickard says USDA has approved the requested disaster declaration.  “The three words I’m going with today are ‘We got it’,” she says.  “Today we received word from Secretary Vilsack’s office that… Read more »

Soy beefs up developing counties’ nutrition

Soybean farmers are helping to provide people in developing counties more protein for their diets. The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH), supported by the Soybean Checkoff and American Soybean Association, works with food supply chain companies to incorporate cost-effective protein alternatives. Executive Director Jim Hershey says the program has accelerated adoption of… Read more »

U.K. dairy producers getting more desperate

Protests over milk prices are intensifying in the United Kingdom. There have been an increasing number of what are called “Milk Trolley Challenges” where dairy producers go into a store, load all of the milk into grocery carts, called trolleys in the U.K. and then either leave the full carts at the checkout, hide them… Read more »

Survey shows land prices on the decline

Results of a Purdue University survey show farmland values across the state are on the decline.   Purdue ag economist Michael Langemeier says he wasn’t surprised by the results.  “The declines ranged anywhere from 4 percent for average ground to 5 percent for top ground or top productivity ground,” he says. He says the survey did… Read more »

Kerry confident in TPP completion by year’s end

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has weighed in on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, expressing confidence that the trade pact will be completed by the end of the year. Kerry cited dairy and autos as two of the main unresolved issues, but said those hurdles can be overcome. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports… Read more »

USTR says COOL losses overstated

The U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) office says Canada and Mexico have overstated their country-of-origin labeling (COOL) losses by billions of dollars. Canada and Mexico are seeking nearly three billions dollars in retaliatory measures. But in a report provided to the WTO, the USTR says the actual number is closer to 91 million dollars. The three… Read more »

Idaho judge rules “Ag-Gag” law unconstitutional

The US District Court of Idaho has ruled the state’s “Ag-Gag” law is unconstitutional. Matthew Liebman, senior attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund says the law, passed in 2014, criminalized undercover investigations.  “It’s made it illegal to gain access to a facility by misrepresentation,” he says.  “So if someone wanted to do an investigation… Read more »