U.S. ag exports decline while imports increase

Despite declines from 2014, U.S. agricultural exports in Fiscal 2015 and 2016 are projected to be the third and fourth-highest on record. In addition, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says 2009-to-2015 represents the strongest seven years in history for U.S. agricultural trade. Total ag exports for Fiscal 2015 are estimated at $139.5 billion down $1 billion… Read more »

Approaching harvest with optimism

Harvest is getting closer and Central Indiana farmer Don Lamb is cautiously optimistic.  “It looked so bad early and then later on it started to look better,” he says.  “Partly because you can’t see as well because the crops have gotten above eye level in the field.  But we feel a little more optimistic than… Read more »

Illinois farmer says Cuba hungry for trade

A Midwest farmer who was on an ag trade mission to Cuba this summer says Cuba is hungry for trade with the U.S. Lou Lamoreux  farms in northern Illinois, near Lanark, and is chairman of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. He also went on the trade trip as a member of the Illinois Beef Association…. Read more »

Ag economist says volatility to continue

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An ag economist says whether it’s bigger crops than expected or things happening in Asia – market volatility is here to stay as harvest approaches. “A lot of folks are forecasting very modest growth, up about 1 and a half metric tons of soybean imports in to China. You know, that pales in comparison when… Read more »

NFU opposition to TPP hinges on currency manipulation

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson wants the Obama Administration to include language against currency manipulation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.  Despite countries having manipulated currency to gain a trade edge on the U.S., TPP negotiations have not adequately addressed the issue, Johnson told Brownfield Ag News. “We think that’s a huge mistake,” Johnson… Read more »

Drop in pork production in China

There has been a significant reduction in the hog herd in China. A new report from Rabobank says over the last 18 months the herd has been reduced by 100 million hogs including 10 million fewer breeding sows. Rabobank Animal Protein Analyst Will Sawyer says that reduction is comparable to the total production of North… Read more »

Cargill now top three aqua-feed supplier

Cargill’s aquaculture business has become one of the largest in the world. This week the company announced a joint purchase with Altor Equity Partners AB and Bain Capital Partners LLC of Norwegian salmon-feed supplier EWOS for $1.5 billion. This, combined with Cargill’s venture with Naturisa building a shrimp-feed facility in Ecuador, brings the company into… Read more »

Deere plant in China resumes operations

An update from Deere and Company regarding their manufacturing facilities in Tianjin, China. A number of employees were injured in their homes and the facility was damaged last week by a massive explosion at a chemical storage facility about six miles from the Deere campus. Deere’s Director of Global Public Relations, Ken Golden says one employee… Read more »

Missouri corn grower promotes U.S. beef in Japan, Korea

A Missouri corn grower has been coaxing Japanese and Korean retailers to sell more U.S. grain fed beef.  Missouri Corn Merchandising Council board member Greg Schneider joined farmers from four other states on a mission to promote U.S. beef in the two countries. Schneider, from Warrenton, Missouri, tells Brownfield that Japanese and Korean distributors are… Read more »

U.K. dairy protests continue

Dairy producers in the United Kingdom continued their protests over the weekend. Late last week four of the nation’s large food retailers promised to raise the price they pay for milk later this month and through the winter. While a nice gesture, the higher price is still below the cost of production for most U.K…. Read more »