Europe’s GMO regs a surprise to South Dakota growers

South Dakota soybean growers just back from Europe learned that EU policy regarding use of GMOs differs from what they expected. “I assumed that the European market was for mostly non-GMO soybeans, but we were pretty surprised to learn that that’s actually a pretty small fraction of what’s going into Europe,” Ethan, South Dakota farmer… Read more »

Mexico allowing some shipments

The country of Mexico reportedly is allowing some US poultry imports after it banned shipments from several U.S. states that reported avian flu in some commercial flocks. Arkansas, Missouri, California and Minnesota reported the highly contagious avian flu earlier this year. It is not spread to humans.

Retaliation considered in COOL case

Potential retaliation from Canada and Mexico against the U.S. was the focus of a House Ag subcommittee today. Chairman David Rouzer of North Carolina said the U.S. could lose its appeal with the WTO on its Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) rule and harmful retaliation could be the result. He says trade agreements are important for… Read more »

Fordyce on second trade mission this month

Missouri Director of Agriculture Richard Fordyce is on his second overseas trade mission this month.  The current mission, in Italy, Germany and Spain through the rest of this week, closely follows one to Cuba to further the sale of Missouri agricultural products.  Fordyce says, however, that full trade with Cuba will have to wait until… Read more »

Disputing IARC’s claim on glyphosate safety

Monsanto is disputing the International Agency for Research’s classification of glyphosate as a 2A rating, probable carcinogen, a cancer causing agent.  IARC is a specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization that promotes international collaboration in cancer research based in France. Donna Farmer, product protection and nutrition lead at Monsanto says IARC’s classification is not… Read more »

Tighter margins force better management practices

An ag lending specialist says the downturn in commodity prices has put farmers in what he calls an agricultural efficiency cycle.  Jeff Swanhorst, chief credit officer for AgriBank says tighter margins caused farmers to keep a closer eye on their budgets.  “Management of a farm operation is going to become much more critical and much… Read more »

Commodity prices top concern for 2015

A poll of Farm Credit lenders across 15 states shows that more 61 percent of directors survey listed commodity prices as the greatest challenge facing farmers in 2015. Jeff Swanhorst, chief credit officer for AgriBank says with potential for tighter margins, he anticipates a change in the way farmers operate.  “We’re going into what I… Read more »

The President needs Trade Promotion Authority

A former U.S. Trade Ambassador says the President and the U.S. needs Trade Promotion Authority. Speaking to County Farm Bureau Presidents from Ohio, U.S. Senator Rob Portman, a former U.S. Trade Ambassador says now that the President has asked for Trade Promotion Authority it’s time to get it done. “Because I think he needs to… Read more »

National Ag Day celebrated

Today is National Ag Day being celebrated in many ways across the country. US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says U.S. agriculture is an incredible success, “Because of the extraordinary success of American agriculture, the rest of us have become free to pursue our hopes and dreams in a variety of other professions and occupations and jobs…. Read more »

Opportunities for US beef

With Russia remaining closed to most US beef and pork products, the US Meat Export Federation is looking to other markets in that region to help expand US meat exports. John Brook, US Meat Export Federation regional director for Europe, Russia, and the Middle East says, “The main push is going to be in the… Read more »