A false hope that China was returning to the dairy markets

World hopes that China is going to start importing more dairy products have been dashed by the USDA’s October report.  The collapse of global dairy prices was triggered when China pulled-back on purchases nearly two years ago.  The USDA numbers for September showed year-over-year increases in Chinese purchases of skim milk powder and whole milk… Read more »

Congress faces decision on COOL

As Congress returns to work this week, one of the looming agricultural issues is what to do about country-of-origin-labeling (COOL). The House of Representatives has voted to fully repeal COOL, but the Senate has been at an impasse with some Senators backing full repeal and others favoring establishment of a voluntary labeling program. Rod Gray,… Read more »

China to build largest animal cloning facility

A Chinese biotechnology company is planning to build the largest animal cloning facility in the world. The CEO of Boyalife says the first phase of the $313 million dollar project is to produce 100,000 cloned cattle a year with plans to eventually produce one million annually. The factory will be based near the coastal city… Read more »

China has a lot of corn

Reports are the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is going to reduce their Chinese corn crop forecast by 2 percent. Citing severe drought in northern China, the Financial Times says the 2015-16 crop estimate will be trimmed from 226 million metric tons to 221 million metric tons. However, that will not alleviate the… Read more »

Canadian dairy compensation offer not a “done deal”

Canadian dairy interests are expressing some concern over the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. When the agreement was announced in October, Canadian dairy producers were told imports would increase 3.25 percent over five years.  The Harper Government promised it would put up $4.3 billion over five years to compensate farmers for losses incurred by the… Read more »

Ethanol could be the next big thing in exports

Nebraska farmer and chairman of the US Grains Council (USGC) Alan Tiemann says his organization is working to make ethanol “the next big thing” for US exports. “We have an established relationship around the world in DDGs,” he says.  “Ethanol is just the next step in moving corn as a value added product around the… Read more »

Poultry producers can meet consumer demand

A poultry industry official says producers can and will adapt to just about any consumer demand. Paul Brennan with the Indiana State Poultry Association says the consumer reigns supreme and if they want it – and they are willing to pay for it, producers will meet the demand for the product.  He says agriculture is… Read more »

DeLaval to train Chinese dairy farm managers

Sister-companies DeLaval and Tetra Pak have signed a five-year agreement with the Dairy Association of China to train Chinese dairy farm managers. Under the agreement, the Swiss-based companies will train 150 managers for large-scale dairy farms in China. The training will be done at the China Agricultural University and DeLaval’s Humra Farm in Sweden. DeLaval… Read more »

Grassley: Many factors to consider in TPP decision

Senate Ag Committee member Chuck Grassley of Iowa says he has not yet read the 3,000 pages of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement but from all reports he’s seen, it should be positive for agriculture. “From what I’ve heard from agricultural people that have been following it for six years, it seems to me… Read more »

Argentine election result could impact soybean prices

The election of a new president in Argentina who made campaign promises about reducing export taxes on grains has farmers across the world wondering if that will happen.   Mauricio Macri said he would lift controls on corn and drop the 23% tax and quotas on wheat shipments. As for soybeans, Argentine farmers are holding about… Read more »