White House urges defeat of Farm Dust bill

The Obama Administration is calling on Congress to defeat H.R. 1633 the so-called Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act. In a statement, the White House says the bill “goes far beyond its stated intent of prohibiting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from tightening national standards for coarse particles, which the Administration has repeatedly explained that it has no intention of doing.”

The White House charges the bill seeks to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. “Responding to false claims that EPA intended to tighten regulation of coarse particles. EPA has repeatedly explained that it plans to retain the existing coarse particulate standard, which originally went into effect in 1987 and remains adequately protective of public health.”

The Administration says the exclusion of the entire class of nuisance dust from the Clean Air Act could be used to roll back existing public health protections limiting pollution from mining operations, industrial activities and possibly other sources.

The White House says if H.R. 1633 makes it to the President’s desk, “his senior advisors would recommend he veto the bill.”

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