We made a little more cheese in October

Cheese production in the U.S. in October totaled 896 million pounds up 1.7 percent from a year ago. Italian type cheese production was 2.3 percent higher at 382 million pounds while American type cheese production was 1.2 percent lower than a year ago at 352 million pounds.

Year-to-date cheese production is running 1.6 percent above the first ten months of 2010. The rate of increase held steady from September after slowing each month this year.

Total cheese production in Wisconsin in October 221.17 million pounds up 0.5 percent from a year ago. Italian cheese production in the Badger State totaled 115.5 million pounds up 4.5 percent while American type cheese production increased 1.2 percent to 63 million pounds. 44.7 million of that was Cheddar cheese, a 2.5 percent increase over October of 2010.

California cheese production in October totaled 189.77 million pounds up 3.8 percent from a year ago. Italian type cheese production totaled 117.9 million pounds in the Golden State up 1.2 percent from October of last year. American production increased 2.5 percent to 50.77 million pounds although Cheddar output was 9.9 percent lower than October of 2010.

Rounding-out the top five in cheese production: Idaho 70.2 million pounds down 3.4%, New York 65.1 million pounds down 0.4% and New Mexico 61.7 million pounds down 4.8%.

Butter production totaled 146 million pounds in October up 19.6 percent compared to a year ago. Year-to-date butter production is running 16.8 percent above the first ten months of 2010.

Other dairy product production compared to October of 2010:

  • Nonfat dry milk, 101 million pounds -12.1%
  • Skim milk powders, 42 million pounds +139.6%
  • Dry whey, 76.5 million pounds -1.8%
  • Lactose, 82.1 million pounds +8.6%
  • Whey protein concentrate, 36.8 million pounds +3.5%
  • Regular ice cream, 60.5 million gallons +2.1%
  • Low fat ice cream, 30.2 million gallons +10.9%
  • Sherbet, 2.57 million gallons -11.2%
  • Frozen yogurt, 3.84 million gallons +8%

Read the full NASS report here:


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