Wallis says FDA horse petition doesn’t matter

The Humane Society of the United States and another animal rights group Front Range Equine Rescue have petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban domestic horse meat for human consumption. They claim the meat contains banned chemicals that are harmful to humans.

Horse slaughter advocate Sue Wallis is not fazed by the action. “I actually don’t think it matters one whit,” she says.

Wallis tells Brownfield the animal rights activists have no case, “You know, the protocols are in place, the testing is in place, the methods are in place to ensure that all animals that are processed are free of any compromising drug residue of any kind.”

Wallis says as horse processing gets closer to resuming in the US, activists are increasing their animal seizures and other anti-livestock activities. Wallis says, “What I think they are doing is trying to beat the drum because they want to push their slaughter ban bills in Congress.”

Wallis says Congress recognized the harm that five years of a horse slaughter ban has done to horse welfare in the U.S. by removing that ban late last year. Wallis says her organization, Unified Equine, continues to pursue locations in southwest Missouri for a horse meat processing plant.

The petition asks the FDA to “certify all horses and horse meat from American horses as ‘unqualified’ for human consumption.”

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  • The H$U$ leadership believe ALL MEAT should be unqualified for human consumption (as part of the vegan “animal rights” philosophy). With the proper protocols in place, why shouldn’t horsemeat be a *choice*, whether here or abroad? I probably wouldn’t eat it unless other meat was unavailable because that’s part of my culture within the U.S. culture, but declaring it unfit for human consumption is a bit disingenuous at best and downright dishonest at worst (which is of course typical of H$U$ and other AR organization “propaganda mill” BIG LIES).

  • Wallis says Congress recognized the harm that five years of a horse slaughter ban has done to horse welfare in the U.S. by removing that ban late last year.

    Is she referring to her pocket heavy political pals that were able to sneak in this langue change? This country does not eat their horses and the FDA classifies the horse as a companion animal. I will be dammed if my tax dollars are to help add Japan and France, etc in having a high priced appetizer!

    Do not try to tell me this is an act of salivation for the unwanted or unfed. This is about profit and nothing more. Shame on you!

    “But the company’s own literature says the plant would not be for old or sick horses and it did not rule out breeding for slaughter purposes.”

    “The horses that are processed — it’s just like cattle or hogs or sheep. You don’t want starving, abused horses. You want horses that are in good shape,” said Wallis.,0,237037.story

  • It is Sue Wallis that is beating the drum. She’s already been run out of one town. The Native Americans she keeps exploiting aren’t as “on board” with her as she leads people to believe. All of her lies are coming back to bite her but she just keeps repeating them over and over again no matter how many times she’s been corrected or by whom. It’s getting really boring to hear her keep calling anyone that is opposed to slaughter a radical animal rights activist. She either thinks it will dismiss what someone’s says or just can’t comprehend the difference between welfare advocates and activists. And to keep saying “animal rights” is just plain ridiculous as animals will never have rights. It’s time for some new material, Sue. The same old rhetoric isn’t working. Support against slaughter is stronger than ever.

    Wallis needs to READ the EU reports that found banned substances in US horses and falsified paperwork stating they were drug free. She needs to LISTEN when she is told that the most commonly used banned substance on horses is not routinely tested at the kill plants. She needs to understand that banned means banned and that US horses are not raised or regulated as food animals. They should NEVER enter the food chain. Period. Unless, of course, she is aiming to give the entire meat industry a black eye – something they can ill afford.

  • You all are agriculture people. Many of you are animal agriculture people. Is Ms. Wallis using good judgment when she says that it does not matter that almost all horses in this country are treated with substances, multiple substances that are banned in all food animals, not just horses. The EU forbids any horse that has even one administration of phenylbutazone from entering the food chain because children who have the idiosyncratic predisposition (currently unpredictable) with even the most minute amount of phenylbutazone or its metabolite in the tissue of the injured animal.

    Ms. Wallis’s partner in the United Horsemen’s Front, Mr. David Duquette of Hermiston, Oregon, said in an interview on Oregon Public Radio this week that phenylbutazone is not a problem in horse meat because dairy farmers use it all the time. Mr. Duquette stated that it is perfectly acceptable, legal to use bute in dairy cows. Mr. Duquette is the President of United Horsemen. Please consider if these people possess the kind of knowledge and understanding that are going to make them assets to animal agriculture or bring the meat industry down around them.

    As for FSIS having tests and procedures in place to detect harmful substances, the test that is used ELSA which checks urine is not only ineffective—bute in the urine is not going to hurt anyone and since it does not matter when the bute was ingested because it never leaves the tissue, i. e. the meat—what someone’s child, grandmother, wife or son is going to eat. Bute causes bone marrow suppression that is seen in such disorders as aplastic anemia (about 97% miserable and fatal). It also causes kidney disease and is an established carcinogen.

    The Inspector General of DOA-FSIS did a review of FSIS’s protocols to detect chemical substances in bovines, and from a consumer’s point of view, the report did not comfort me. I like beef, but that report gave me a lot to think about. Very few carcasses are tested for bite and several other substances banned and considered dangerous for human health. Since bovines are part of our country’s traditional diet, and horses are not, there is much more information about bovines than horses.

    Before anyone thinks that I think these two species are the same, let me say that my veterinarian set me straight about the fact that each species metabolizes drugs differently. FSIS does not have effective protocols to determine the presence of bite of other banned substances in beef in a timely way although, to their credit, they are testing another test.

    The USDA did not test for any banned substances in 2006 and it found only a fraction of the number of carcasses that had to be full of phenyllbutazone. There was a great article in Forbes last week about the horse racing industry and the issue of how drug might be influencing some of the catastrophic break downs that are occurring among race horses. Dr Ann Marinia and two researchers did a study of 84 race horses with lip tattoos to correspond with their medical records, and found that al of them had been treated with bite and all of them were sold to supposed slaughter. The article in Forbes quotes those close to the racing industry about the amount and the types of drugs used.

    Last year 138,000 U. S. horses not bred for slaughter were sold to kill buyers and went to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. Nineteen percent were Thoroughbred race horses, no doubt treated with bute and an assortment of other banned drugs. According to the article in Forbes, Cobra venom is used a a masking agent. Standardbred harness race horses also are sold in large numbers to kill buyers for slaughter as are the beloved, trusting, American Quarter Horses, Paints, Arabs. Wild horse and burro advocates believe an untold number of our wild hires are disappearing from holding and removed from the range during and around the time of round-ups. The BLM’s secrecy and removal of citizen and journalist witnesses to document the roundups has only added fuel to the fire.

    Ms. Wallis and Mr Duquette and those who support them have tried to convince other members of the animal agriculture community that if cattle, pork, goat, sheep, poultry, and other producers of meat do not join them, then the next thing you know, you won’t be able to slaughter cattle. This logical fallacy is known as the slippery slope, and it is fallacious because Americans have never eaten horse. American school children do not grow up identifying horses as an animal whose purpose is to become meat. On the other hand, when I drive past Black Angus calves grazing in a pasture, I know that as beautiful as they are, they are going to be steak, hamburger, roast, and an assortment of other cuts of meat within a year or two. Therefore the slippery slope does not work when applied to horse slaughter. For it to apply to horse slaughter, Americans would have to be conscious of the fact that U. S. horses are slaughtered to produce meat, and Americans are not. With people unfamiliar with this debate, the use of the words horse and slaughter in the same sentence garners an oooh yuk gross who would????

    Agriculture, particularly animal agriculture is under attack, but not from the Humane Society of the United States. Animal agriculture produces are being inundated with propaganda about the evils of HSUS. HSUS is not radical or extremist, but there are some in your industry that stand to benefit if all of you believe that it is. Ask yourselves why would anyone want to convince you that you, dog breeders, and the NRA all stand to benefit from slaughter of America’s horses. At Ms. Wallis’s last slaughter conference some speakers did not even mention the word horses; it was all about HSUS and HSUS/PETA. Someone is feeding you data and information that looks like science or sounds like science, but I decided to check a few facts from these briefs, and I found the accuracy, let’s just say, highly questionable.

    Farmers are some of the best people on earth. You have an understanding of the land, the water, the weather, and the way life begins and ends that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. My grandfather and grandmother ran a dairy farm with some chickens, some pigs, and a few other cows and a bull on the side. My grandmother had a huge garden and a yard full of flowers. They worked hard, and were sometimes in debt. CNN, PETA, or the New York Times could have walked onto my grandfather’s property any time, and they would have witnessed only the finest animal husbandry. Their’s was not a huge or fancy operation, but a place where animals were treated with kindness and respect, but were also allowed to practice their species specific behavior—and this included having a hen perched on a little piece of wood waiting to swoop down and peck at my head when I entered the coup to collect the eggs for my grandmother. Best memory—fresh, warm, frothy mild ladled out of the trough and into my waiting mouth.

    Ms. Wallis made statements about people who opposed horse slaughter as not understanding animal agriculture. She has attacked equine advocates as if none of us had ever set food on a farm when it is equine advocates that are closest of all the segments of animal welfare to being a part of animal agriculture and regularly observing animal production because horses live on farms. After attacking horse slaughter opponents as bleeding heart city dwellers who know nothing about “our business”, it was made known that Ms. Wallis did not own any horses of her own nor is there any evidence that she has ever owned them. So you have someone carrying the flag for animal agriculture who is guilty of what she accuses horse owners—knowing little about horses. Is this what animal agriculture in the great country of the United States of America needs?

  • Just what are you going to do with all the meat when the testing shows banned drug residue? Probably falsify the results! I have a better idea what to do with the meat. Have a big barbeque for all your pro slaughter friends!

  • Please show me any evidence of “testing in place” for drugs in horsemeat for human consumption. This myth has been echoed over and over, but I cannot find any evidence of any routine testing for drug contamination in the horsemeat nor in the horses about to be slaughtered.

    There are several drugs very commonly given to riding/harness horses, all of which are banned for ever being used in a for-slaughter animal. In other words, as soon as I give my horse a drug such as bute, he should never be allowed into the slaughter pipeline. But we know 95-98% of racehorses have been given this banned drug at some point in their career. Some were just given it, as they just raced before being shipped to slaughter. Show horses, eventers, barrel racers, and pleasure horses are also routines given Bute. It’s a very common anti-inflammatory drug that helps horses be more comfortable in their work…. but in humans it’s toxic and in sensitive people can cause aplastic anemic from bone marrow suppression. In larger doses, it’s killed people (such as grooms who took it themselves).

    Use logic: The USDA does not follow drug administration in horses for slaughter because horses are not raised for meat or slaughtered in the USA. When American horses got Mexico or Canada, we know there is no testing done. The EU realized how unregulated and potentially dangerous horsemeat was to import from Canada. Now there is a new rule in place that each horse must be accompanied by a 6 month drug use form at the processing plant. The trouble is the last known owner is NOT the one filling the paperwork out. We all know horses at livestock auctions don’t come with records. So the contracted horse processing plant suppliers just fill the forms out themselves. Even know there is absolutely no way to know if that individual horse was ever given bute, certain de-wormers, certain steroids, etc.

    By allowing in animals NOT raised for meat into the food supply for people, you’re going to make consumers start to question what’s in *all* of their meat products. It erodes consumer confidence. It might spur a movement to demand thorough testing of cattle, pigs, and poultry.

  • Sue Wallis will give a biased opinion everytime, Sue is to Horsemeat, like Phillip Morris is to Cigarettes. Both are in it for the money .. Period… The data is there and HSUS has provided all the data in the 79 page petition. Which she has not seen yet. She always says its safe, very safe and bute is not in the meat. Tell that to the EU, who just this past week found Phenylbutazone in frozen, imported horsemeat.

  • I think it is good this petition has been filed. I think it is a concern that we as Americans are not foisting our bad products on the rest of the world just to make a buck. The fact is most of the open market for American horses is Asia – since the European market has explicitly denied import of horses who have been treated with all the drugs we treat our horses with. The European market has also denied import of wild horse meat. This issue of sickness inducing drugs in meat is one that needs addressing, no matter how little profiteers give credence. It is after all the truth we are seeking – isn’t it?

  • well maybe we wouldn’t have so many owners having difficulty if the government would stop sending our hay to China causing the hay to double. Everyone thought it was the drought including me in TX which the media influenced. I can’t believe Ms Wallis believe in such a inhumane thing to do to God’s horses read Rev 6:1-8. It’s not about what you believe or who you answer to you better read what the almighty Father has to say about His horses. These are people’s pets we are the caretakers of His creatures; I think on a level of maturity as a woman in a position to teach and be an example of His fruits and a servant as the word says your choices would not be about authority and control. In our day and age there are other creatures starving all over the world are we to make money off of them or do we! Like feed the starving in Uganda when we have people in our own neighborhoods starving. Have you contempIated or asked yourself why we have had so many numerous disasters for the last few years? would surly pray on this as we just experienced some terrible tornados. You don’t think that God has authority to allow things to happen for our teaching? Have you like ever read about Noah? Hello. You best talk to Him about it first and wait for His answer. God Bless

  • Wallis’ modus operandi is the same over and over again….. just ignore the facts and keep on talking. It’s inevitable that this strategy will eventually backfire because……. she’s ignoring the facts. Good luck with that Sue. **final sentence deleted by admin because it was a personal attack against a person.

  • **The first sentence in this comment was deleted by admin because, in my opinion, it was a childish personal attack against a person. The final sentence was deleted as well. Same reasoning. If you want to make personal attacks, don’t do it on this website.
    Why should US tax dollars go to testing the 1% of horsemeat that gets randomly tested for foreigners to eat? I think she should have to pay for the inspection of 100% of the processing and inspections herself, since she is the one whose bank account would profit.
    Increasing animal seizures? I think not…she just hasn’t bothered to notice it before…now she sees it as less money for her for every horse that people keep well away from her.

  • Wallis is the meat industry’s mouth piece and Davey Duquette is her mouth piece. Sue will find out that drugs are a HUGE issue! She and Davey continually get shot down at every turn, they just had to cancel their big summit because of lack of funds and support. Temple Grandin told Wallis more than once NOT to use her name which she still does. American tax payers have saved 25 million in taxes since the foreign owned horse slaughterhouse were closed. Stop the subsidies to the over-breeders of a long lived LUXURY animals! Stop the Foal Milling! Call your congress men and women, and your senators asking them to co-sponsor HR 2966/SB 1176, the American Horse Slaughter Protection Act. Easy to prove that there are NO UNWANTED horses, per USDA 2005 stats, the USDA imported 7,000 head of horses from Canada to Cavel Inc., Dekalb, IL for slaughter for human consumption. It’s a supply and demand business folks. These are pets per our FDA. I pay tax on all my horses goods, they’re a luxury animal, stop over-breeding them, this is how you take care of YOUR problem! AQHA and TB’s are the biggest contributors to the slaughter pipeline. Wallis and Davey will NEVER open a slaughterhouse in the US, 80% of all American’s polled don’t want it, can’t afford it, don’t want their horses stolen, don’t want their towns ruined, and don’t want their children to live in fear.

  • Does Sue Wallis even have any credibility left? I am SO glad you folks in the ag industry have her on YOUR side. What an asset she must be for you.

    So Slaughterhouse Sue doesn’t think it “matters one whit” that HSUS is trying to get horses banned from being slaughtered because of the many harmful substances that meat would contain since horses are considered “companion animals” by the FDA and there is no ban on the products horses can be given in their lifetimes that makes their meat unpalatable to humans. It’s nice she would toy with the health of millions of people worldwide with such a cavalier attitude. Just one dose of phenylbutazone (bute) makes a horse illegible to be slaughtered and eaten by humans EVER.

    “Wallis says Congress recognized the harm that five years of a horse slaughter ban has done to horse welfare in the U.S. by removing that ban late last year.” I would hardly call what happened as a recognition by Congress of the harm done by removal of the ban. I would characterize it more like what can happen when narrow special interest groups have bought and paid for a few key politicians and get their viewpoints first and foremost on the agenda, and well before the American people (you know, the ones that Congress is supposed to serve) even realize what has happened. Because THAT is what happened in this instance, courtesy of three Congressman: The culprits? Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA). They held up a much need appropriations bill until the 11th hour when a government shutdown loomed and got President Obama to sign it. The American people knew nothing about this for 10 freakin’ days. How’s that for fairplay and having the best interests of the American people at heart? And with all the economic problems facing the citizens of this country, that is the best these morons in congress could come up with.

    Oh, but wait, you are in the ag industry–I don’t need to tell you about special interest groups and having the ear of crooked politicians…

  • Here Cyndi, since you report both sides of the issue, perhaps you should report on this new study conducted by Equine Welfare Alliance.

    what is disingenious is selling a product which is not raised under food safety guidelines and which is know to have carcinogenics in the meat, to an unsuspecting consumer. That is unethical and immoral.
    Our food animals are raised under strict food safety guidelines, our horses, not being a food animal, are not.

  • this is a quote from an FDA paper which was updated in 2009. If bute is not a problem for human consumption of animals treated with it, why is it banned from being used in any meat animal?
    “We want to ensure that the public is never exposed to residues of this toxic drug.’’
    Phenylbutazone is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia and deaths. Hypersensitivity reactions of the serum-sickness type have also been reported. In addition, phenylbutazone is a carcinogen, as determined by the National Toxicology Program.
    Quote from link below

  • Documented evidence of egregious violations and lack of USDA enforcement of humane methods of slaughter led to the defunding of USDA inspections in 2007. Video evidence abounds on the internet of horses butchered while alive. Slaughter is a brutal act, not euthanasia. Horse slaughter is not driven by a “surplus” of old horses, but a foreign market for healthy flesh. Horse owners can have old or injured horses humanely euthanized for the cost of about one month’s care.
    The EU has begun enforcement of safety regulations concerning horsemeat for human consumption, so the US will need to put in place a passport system that mirrors those in the EU. Chloramphenicols, nitroimidazoles, dewormers, and growth hormones are banned from the EU food chain.

  • Sue Wallis and her husband have a ranch…They have horses. I am amazed at the responses on this subject from people that have no financial investment in the equine industry. Horse meat is a great product and by not processing horses in the USA we are losing jobs, and more importantly not providing a protein product at a reasonable cost to poor people all over the world!!! So you horse huggers are STARVING KIDS in Africa and under developed countries!!!

  • It is not up to our country to inspect the food supply for other countries. It just isn’t. It is up to them to make sure the people in their country are eating clean and non-toxic foods through their food safety agencies, but what happens when we start to get the reputation like China? What happens to our beef industry when we have another controversy/rumor of tainted meat coming out or our country? Anyone remember the BSE problems of a couple of years ago? Dave Duquette, President of the United Horsemen, has already stated publicly on the radio that Dairys in this country routinely use Bute on their heifers. Really? Is this the type of mis-information we want to be broadcasted? Who are these United Horsemen people? In fact Bute IS not and cannot be used in dairy cattle. He has no idea of USDA regulations and laws! This is the type of nonsense that gives us bad names and creates problems. As a Rancher I am disgusted and now leery of this whole idea. I may not be the norm, nor do I just follow because I was told by the Association or the Bureau to support something. Here are my concerns; (1) This will hurt the cattle industry because this organization has stated that they are going to raise feeder horses, HOW ARE WE GOING TO AFFORD HAY AND FEED WITH ANOTHER LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY IN THE MIX. SMALL OUTFITS ARE GOING TO HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS FINDING AFFORDABLE FEED. Horse feed lots in my area, no thank you! (2) This organization will do nothing for the cattle industry and our overseas markets if they continue to say that these animals that are given prohibited meds are included in the export market with our beef. We go through hoops to make sure that we are keeping in line with regulations. I don’t want all of us to be lumped into the same category as these horse meat people. We are in trouble if horse slaughter goes in because of feed prices and we are in trouble if they want to share our USDA inspection certification. ALSO, I personally don’t want the new red meat coming to town. Beef, Chicken and Lamb is what we eat here in the U.S.A. WE don’t need another meat competing for sales.

  • Just because these United Horsemen people are on the same side and against the HSUS, does not mean they are going to be good for all of us in the beef industry that have fought long and hard for our reputations and businesses.

  • First, I want to congratulate Christie for her excellent comment. Way to go, Christie! Then, I want to make a comment on Cyndi Young’s statement: “We report on all sides of a story.” Cyndi, Sue Wallis doesn’t HAVE a side. She is giving out disinformation on a very important subject. She still has her followers who believe every word she says.

    Phenylbutazone is an extremely dangerous substance for humans to consume. It was once licensed for human use as an anti-inflammatory. That license was revoked when the side effects started coming to light. Some people can take it, but others cannot. Some people are so sensitive that even a minute amount can cause aplastic anemia. This is especially true of children. Bute is also a carcinogen. In fact, bute can cause a range of different problems and they are so idiosyncratic that no one can be sure who it might affect or in what manner. Even one dose a during a horse’s lifetime – no matter when – and that horse is permanently banned from the human food chain.

    For years, the USDA claimed they didn’t find bute residues in our slaughter horses. It’s only been a few years since, while doing a pilot program, the USDA found they were not testing correctly. When they DID test correctly, there was the bute. What did the USDA do? They shut down the pilot program, and stuffed the evidence. In 2006 the FSIS didn’t even test for bute at all. The only acceptable test for bute residue is a kidney assay – which, needless to say – is not done in-house. Wallis rants about how long it takes bute to be undetectable in the bloodstream, and how she will use state-of-the-art blood testing. All of which is totally irrelevant because bute is banned in ANY food animal by the FDA, and blood testing is not acceptable as a test for bute residue anyway.

    A lot of people do not know all this, and they listen to Wallis’ pseudo-science and believe it. She is endangering many lives by maintaining that bute is safe if there has been 30 days between administration and slaughter. This is a bald-faced lie – not a “misstatement,” a LIE. And a dangerous one at that. Why would anyone consider this a legitimate “side” of a controversy? I understand your laudable desire to be fair and impartial, but this stuff doesn’t qualify. This woman is pushing fraud and the slaughter for human consumption of a non-food animal that is almost certainly contaminated with substances that are banned and have NO withdrawal time. This is not a matter of opinion.

    We don’t even use horse meat in dog food any more because of chemical contamination, but Wallis is pushing it for humans. No.

  • CJ ~ Sue Wallis does NOT own horses! She SAID so herself on HER Facebook page. I have a screen shot

    Don’t forget, CJ, I KNOW you. Horsemeat is contaminated and there is nothing you can do about it. All the lies in the world will not change the fact that our horses are NOT fit for human consumption. It would be a CRIME to feed them to anyone – especially to foist tainted meat off on poor people, especially children who can develop aplastic Anemia from the minutest amount of phenylbutazone – bute – residues in horses. You’re outta your freaking MIND!

    As for jobs. Chevidico – the same company that owned Dallas Crown in Kaufman – was the outfit Wallis tried to ram down the throats of the people of Mountain Grove, MO. When asked the spokesman for the plant stated that they would bring the workers – mostly Hispanic – probably undocumented, although he didn’t admit to that. But that’s what they and Beltex used in Texas.

    Go away, CJ. Sue Wallis has thrown around enough BS to cover you too. CJ owns cattle, folks. I really don’t understand why ANY cattleman would support horse slaughter, but there he is in all his lying glory.

  • G Taupin ~ When we are the ones exporting the product and we KNOW it’s contaminated, if IS our responsibility.

    And why in the WORLD would possess you to say you are on the same side with United Horsemen? They are a bunch of greedy manipulators who care about nothing but money, even if they have to poison people to get it. You CAN’T consider yourself on the same side with THEM!

  • thunderbeings comes from the stars to bring the heavens down
    the male dominated hierarchy has enslaved all life here on earth mother
    until the matriarchal clans are re-claimed by empowering women, the planet and her children will be slaughtered in a sea of blood,male domination has killed everything it has touched,women empowering women will be her survival, okcha mahli 2012
    killing our sacred thunderbeings is insanity as well as killing all animal kingdoms

  • You know we have not had a ban on horse slaughter ban on inspections, we just have not done it here year after year horses have been sent across the borders and YET the pro slaughter idiots seem to think we have a abundance of abused and starving horses since we have not had it here in the US, yet last year we had record number of horses going to slaughter than ever before?????

    WOW imagine that……. This slaughter is about BREEDERS being able to breed even more since last year AQHA reg. 150,000 foals that is responsible is it not??? So yup you just keep on breeding and then hide behide the money they make for you and when they don’t bring any more money, ship them to torture that is what the TRUTH IS period GREED on the expense of the very animal they are breeding….. Unbelievable isn’t??
    Genesis 9:1-3 Human “rule” over animals does not mean we have the right to mistreat or misuse those animals> This whole slaughter is so so corrupt with corrupt endoresers……………………….

  • Should the pros get their slaughter going will they come out in full force against the horses that will be continuing across the borders? Hell No! They didn’t care for decades so why would they start now! Liers!! Slaughterhouse Sue is the Biggest of All and I do mean BIGGEST!!

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