Vilsack not worried about implementing ‘King Amendment’

One of the more controversial issues in the farm bill discussion has been the so-called King amendment.

That’s Iowa Congressman Steve King’s plan to prevent states like California from imposing their own animal welfare standards on farm goods brought in from other states. 

During a news conference this week in San Antonio, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack was asked how the USDA would implement the King amendment if it becomes law.  Vilsack responded that he will probably be out of office before that happens.

“I won’t be secretary by the time you go through all the legal challenges that will occur—and there will be a lot because it’s not well-drafted,” Vilsack said.  “It’s very confusing, it’s complex—there’s a lot of unintended consequences. 

“There are a lot of folks who have angst—not just outside of agriculture, but also inside agriculture—and that thing is going to be challenged.”

The main focus of King’s amendment is eggs, as California prepares to implement a law that would require all eggs sold in the state to meet that state’s larger cage-size standards.  Iowa is the top egg-producing state in the nation.

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  • Vilsack and a good portion of his high ranking staff are H$U$ agents so naturally he is against anything that would help any form of animal husbandry. If things do not go well for him at USDA he will not doubt pick up a better job with H$U$ or one of its affilliates.

  • Let’s look back in recent histtory. Wayne Pacelle, CEO of H$U$ put out the call to members to contact Obama to appoint Tom Vilsack to head up USDA. That was done. Then H$U$ (which does not operate ONE shelter and donates 1% of it’s millions of donations per year paid in the region of $75,000 on TV ads in favor of Vilsacks wife, Christie, who was running as a Democrate against Steve King. King who still won the election.

    Vilsack appointed Sarah L. Conant just two days after turning in her resignation as a Litigation lawer at H$U$ as head of the Enforcement Division of APHIS hence, the latest Regualtionr/ule that that re-writes the AWA that congress approved 46 years ago to include “hobby” breeders of all mammals under the guise of closing a “loophole of shipping and internet advertising”” Sure Nuff. Get rid of all breeders (soft target) and then go on to remove ALL animals from human contact.

    Soylent Green anyone?

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