University of Wisconsin hosts first Dairy Summit

Producers, processors, farmers, and educators took part in Wisconsin’s first dairy summit Monday.

A variety of speakers covered where the dairy industry is now, and where they would like it to go in the future.  All agreed more research is necessary to help create new and improved dairy products that appeal to consumers, and that listening to consumers is important, but University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross says he needs specifics.  “I’m not sure we’re listening to each other very well, what needs to be researched and why.  What’s most important.”

And Cross says he will reach out to the summit participants.  “We’re going to ask you for your help in prioritizing some of this information so we can prepare a list, and what to do next.”

The Dairy Summit also covered the milk markets, export trade, changes in technology, and how these things are transforming the dairy industry.


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