Swedes are discussing a ‘meat tax’

Sweden’s Board of Agriculture is proposing a “meat tax” to discourage that country’s growing consumption of meat.

And, according to a report on, the Swedes would like to take it even further.  They would like to see the meat tax enacted throughout all of the European Union to reduce meat consumption, which they say is straining the environment.

Swedes, on average, consume about 190 pounds of meat annually, much of it imported.  But Marit Paulsen, a Swedish member of the European Parliament and vice president of that body’s agriculture committee, thinks per capita meat consumption should be closer to 105 pounds, which is where it was 20 years ago. 

Board of Agriculture officials argue that there are environmental and health benefits to eating less meat and more vegetables.  However, Sweden’s finance minister reportedly has ruled out a specific meat tax.

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