Substantial acreage deviation possible

An ag economist says a substantial deviation from the USDA prospective planting estimates is possible.

Todd Hubbs with the University of Illinois tells Brownfield corn and soybean acreage could swing either way, with weather being the primary factor.

“If you look over the last 20 years or so, we’ve seen almost 1.9 million acres less (corn) at times, and 3 million acres more like in 2007.  So there can be a wide range of corn acreage planted relative to the March intentions.”

USDA projects corn planting at 90 million acres and soybeans as high as 89.5 million.

Wet and cool conditions have slowed progress across the Midwest, but Hubbs says it’s too early to change plans.

“Farmers are capable of planting pretty quickly.  And the work we’ve done here at Illinois (with) agronomists, we see May 20th for corn being considered late planting.  So we’ve got really another month.”

Hubbs acknowledges yields are adversely affected by later planting dates, saying corn farmers often lose bushels if delays continue through May.






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