Storms damage north-central Iowa crops

Photo courtesy of Diane Stadtlander of Klemme, Iowa

Farmers in north-central Iowa are assessing crop damage caused by storms late Sunday night.

Iowa State University Extension field agronomist Angie Rieck-Hinz covers nine counties in that part of the state and says it’s going to take a few days to know the full impact of sustained high winds and hail.

“Particularly up in that Goodell, Thornton area.  We have corn that’s been snapped off down to five or six inches on the stalk, or even a little bit higher.  Those corn fields, in most cases, are probably a total loss at this point.”

She tells Brownfield there’s a wide range of plant injury to corn and soybeans.

“I’ve had a couple of reports from farmers that feel their soybean fields have been totally wiped out to the point where you can’t tell that they were actually soybean fields.  And then soybean fields with less severe damage.”

Rieck-Hinz encourages affected farmers to contact their insurance agent and not rush into any decisions on what to do with those acres.





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