Solar roofing featured at WPS Farm Show seminar

One of the educational seminars at the WPS Farm Show this week will feature building-integrated PhotoVoltic roofing panels.  Bob Kulp with Kulp’s of Stratford says it is a new type of solar panel that integrates into a steel or membrane roof so you don’t have those big, heavy traditional panels.  “It’s a multi-skin laminate” says Kulp, “there are two leads that come out of the top of every panel that we run into the ridge cap, run it through a disconnect switch, then through an inverter and then into the power grid.”  If your building takes more power than generated by the roof, it slows the meter down, if it produces more energy than used, the meter runs backward.  Kulp says there are a number of grant programs and tax credits available to help pay for the panels.  “A typical payback on a residential or relatively small project you would be looking at a payback somewhere in that ten-to-twelve year period.”

The session will be 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

AUDIO: Bob Kulp talks about the solar roofing

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