Smithfield under attack in North Carolina

Smithfield Foods and its pork-producing subsidiary Murphy Brown are under attack from residents in Wake County, North Carolina

Nearly 600 residents of that county in the eastern part of the state have filed farm nuisance disputes. And they’ve notified Smithfield that they plan to file lawsuits charging that the foul smell and pollution from its hog farms have adversely affected their properties.

Murphy Brown officials are standing behind their environmental management practices.  Company officials say they have an “unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship”.

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  • Is the Smithfield/Murphy Brown facility that bad, or is there someone (think: anti-ag group) agitating and promising benefit to those residents? Sure are a lot of people complaining, but “agitators” can whip up mob mentality quickly too. Just sayin’….

  • Why in the world to non farm people buy property near farms of any kind. They all seem to want to “live in the country” but don’t want any of the nusance of living near farm animals and agriculture. Did they not know there was a pig farm there when they bought their property? Did the realtor neglect to inform them? As stated in the post above is smells like some entity like and Animal Rights / Environmental Group is at the bottom of this and when they smell money it is like blood in the water to piranha. HSUS and all the others are just a money making scam. The people filing these complaints are being taken for a ride.

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