Seed treatments provide choice

Seed treatments are another tool that farmers can use to be more efficient in the field.  Bernice Slutsky, vice president of Scientific and International Affairs for the American Seed Trade Association says seeds aren’t what they used to be.  “You have all the genetics inside the seed,” she says.  “Now you have the treatments around the seed.”  Slutsky adds the seed is now becoming the delivery package for farmers.

She tells Brownfield – seed treatments give farmers a more efficient and more cost-effective way of delivering inputs. 

Slutsky notes seed treatments are the new horizon for agriculture. 

“It’s all about giving the farmer choices,” she says.  “Seed treatments gives farmers more options.”  It provides farmers with a choice in how to deliver their inputs.  Seed treatments, she says, “Provides farmers a choice in the genetics of the seed and a choice in how the seed is encapsulated.”

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