Seed company mergers provide opportunity


The president of an independent seed company says consolidation within the industry is providing opportunities for companies like his.

Carl Peterson of North Dakota-based Peterson Farms Seed tells Brownfield proposed mergers like Bayer and Monsanto are driven by Wall Street and take focus away from the customer.

“The huge multi-national companies are very good at basic research.  They’re very good at developing a broad range of genetics and traits, but what they’re less good at is focusing on specific regions and finding things that fit.”

He says Peterson Farms Seed has strong relationships with all the large companies, providing access to plant genetics and technologies.

But there are concerns.

“Getting too much concentration in too few of hands.  But on balance, we view these things as positive for our company because there’s just a better opportunity for us to focus on our local region.  And a lot of those companies are spending too much time doing Wall Street financial things.”

In addition to the Bayer-Monsanto deal, DuPont and Dow plan to merge and China National is awaiting completion on a takeover of Syngenta.

Those companies claim these mergers will improve products for their customers.




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