Replanting prompts two flushes of corn pollination

University of Illinois agronomist Emerson Nafziger says corn pollination will be staggered because of the high incidence of replanting.

“That second flush of pollination is probably going to be about a week after the first flush,” Nafziger told Brownfield Ag News, “and so we’ll be still seeing some corn pollinating up through towards the end of July.”

Corn in the primary growing area began pollinating in late June, which, Nafziger says, is about what farmers like to see.

“That means that the crop is going to get through the pollination period and that’s always sort of white knuckle time for corn,” said Nafziger, “because that’s when the yield potential is sort of set into place.”

Despite heavy rain early in the season, Nafziger says corn has plenty of nitrogen as long as it continues to get some water.

“If there’s a shortage of water then no nutrients are really getting into the plant,” he said, “and that’s a big concern.”

He says ideal pollination weather is slightly cooler than normal to conserve water, but with plenty of sunshine and nourishment for corn plants.

AUDIO: Emerson Nafziger (15 min. MP3)


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