U.S. ethanol exports at near-record levels

The U.S. is exporting ethanol at near-record levels. For the 2014 and 15 marketing year, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) forecasts ethanol exports to reach 850 million gallons, second only to 2011’s 1.2 billion. Although Canada, the top international customer of ethanol, has reduced demand by 26 percent, all other major markets have shown increases…. Read more »

Priority issues for IL corn and soybean leaders

Priority issues for corn and soybean organizations in Illinois reflect those of crop farmers across the Midwest. Illinois Soybean Association treasurer Stan Born says they’ve been working with the state USDA and EPA on the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy and they’re looking forward to having all farmers step up and participate in the voluntary… Read more »

Companies foresee power from corn stover-based biocoal

Three companies are working together to produce and generate power using biocoal made from biomass.  The power company Ameren Missouri, biocoal company Enginuity, and ECAP, an agribusiness firm, are partnering to develop the product from corn stover.  David Vogt of ECAP says farmers will rake and bale corn stover after harvest and take it to… Read more »

Home heating oil industry using biodiesel to revive and reinvent itself

The heating oil market is well established along the East Coast with approximately 6.2 million homes relying on it during the winter. But progressive states in that region are looking to move towards renewable fuels and have issued mandates in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Bioheat is traditional home heating oil blended with… Read more »

Minnesota biodiesel demand getting warmer

Representatives of the East Coast home heating fuel market are begging for biodiesel produced in Minnesota. The state Soybean Growers Association and Research and Promotion Council are hosting a group from states including New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts interested in using bioheat. Executive director Tom Slunecka  says there is no doubt the demand for… Read more »

POET conducts economic impact study

  A successful ethanol company attempts to quantify the impact it has on the economy. South Dakota-based POET is one of the world’s largest ethanol producers and recently announced the findings of an economic study that public relations director Matt Merritt says looked at every level. “That could be someone who’s directly employed by the… Read more »

Ethanol plant essential to Michigan’s Thumb

The general manager of POET’s Michigan based ethanol plant says the Caro facility has offset the demise of the automotive industry. “If you look at the Thumb of Michigan, it used to be heavily automotive back before the automotive crash and it’s basically an automotive ghost town right now.” He tells Brownfield, “If it weren’t for… Read more »

Ethanol production steady into next year

Ethanol production is forecast to remain near current levels through 2016. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its August short-term energy outlook, says production averaged 935,000 barrels per day last year and is expected to hold steady into next year. Monte Shaw, one of the founders of the America’s Renewable Future coalition, tells Brownfield… Read more »

EPA says Clean Power Plan will create jobs

The EPA says the administration’s Clean Power Plan will create jobs and save money by reducing emissions and increasing the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind, “The final plan gives states additional time to plan and also lets states decide their own emissions reductions trajectory. These are changes that we made in… Read more »

Economist on why corn price highs faded

A University of Illinois economist says corn futures prices that rose earlier this summer are not likely to rebound. Darrell Good says the increase of 90-cents a bushel from mid-June to mid-July had a couple of drivers. One was the June acreage report,“That showed that, we might have a few less corn acres planted than… Read more »