Pork industry outreach needed on genome editing


The director of the Minnesota Pork Board says the industry needs to proactively reach out across the food chain in preparation for technology that could make animals resistant to disease.

David Preisler tells Brownfield genome editing is being researched by both the University of Missouri and Edinburgh University in Scotland.

“It’s probably not going to be commercialized for the next four to five years, so it gives us some time to engage with our partners in food service, retail and export (to ensure) this technology is safe.  This gives us time to message that.”

He says gene editing is not the same as genetic modification.

“This is a very different process, and we think could hold some real promise as we look at disease control and possible eradication as we look down the road.”

Preisler, who attended the Pork Industry Forum in Indianapolis last week, says misconceptions about the use of antibiotics in pork production were discussed and the industry hopes to avoid similar problems with consumer misinformation on gene editing.







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