Nebraska specialist says volatilization main cause of dicamba injury

Dicamba injury symptoms in a Roundup Ready soybean field near Geneva, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy Amit Jhala/Nebraska Extension)

A Nebraska Extension weed specialist says volatilization appears to be the main cause of dicamba injury to the state’s soybeans this summer.

Amit Jhala says most of the affected fields he has observed have injury “from one end to the other, suggesting off-target movement through volatility…which could be due to a temperature inversion type of situation.”

Jhala says problems related to physical drift or spray tank contamination appear to be minimal. He says the volatilization issue is where future research needs to be focused.

“We may need to do something about the volatility part of the system. We can’t afford to be in a situation like this,” he says.

Jhala says he and Extension educators around the state have received about 100 complaints about alleged dicamba injury. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture reports “an increase” in complaints, but has not released an official number.

AUDIO: Amit Jhala

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