Monthly wheat reports to keep eye on wheat

While the USDA’s crop progress and condition reports have ended for the season for most states, there remains great interest in the struggling winter wheat crop.

There won’t be another national assessment of winter wheat conditions until next spring. But, several states will be issuing monthly updates as they normally do, with Texas and California issuing weekly reports.  USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says, “We will get a glimpse at some of the states’ wheat condition as we move through with the next one expected in early January for some states.”

The states issuing monthly reports will be: Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, and Washington.

The latest USDA national crop report showed conditions of the U.S. winter wheat crop were the lowest they’ve been since records have been kept, back in 1986.  The markets are closely watching winter wheat conditions and development.  The weekly USDA national crop reports will resume in April.


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