Mercy for Animals video of Wisconsin dairy

A Wisconsin Dairy has responded to an undercover video taken at its farm showing animal abuse – In a statement, Weise Brothers Farm says it was “shocked and saddened” by the abuse that it had been unaware of and has terminated two employees and removed a third employee from animal duties. Mercy for Animals released the video which Weise Brothers says it learned about on November 26th.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Nestle, which owns DiGiorno pizza, told ABC news the company would not use any cheese made from the milk from Weise Brothers Farms. Nestle contacted Foremost Farms USA, the cheese supplier.

In a statement, Foremost Farms said it has discontinued receiving milk from Weise Brothers because of the video.

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  • 1. Weise Brothers, why weren’t you aware of the abuse? It is your responsibility to know what is going on at your farm with our animals at all times. And animal welfare policy prohibiting abuse is not enough. Pland, Do, Check, Act. Let’s see your training program. Let’s see your employee surviellance plan and records. Let’s see examples of identifying employee misconduct. Let’s see your corrective action records.

    2. Nestle and Foremost, you punished the farm that got caught. Lets see some documentation of your programs. Did you make your expectations known? Did you audit? How much have you invested in cost sharing with farmers for program development, employee training and surveillance of animal well being? Do you have an active intervention program? Why wasn’t this on your radar before one of your suppliers got caught? How do you know that others aren’t doing the same and just haven’t been caught? Lets see your documentation, not just your PR saving knee jerk reaction.

    Animal agriculture will continue to be vulnerable to the undercover attacks of these fifth columnists until we adopt the mindset that are going to do what it takes to have a faultless industry or go broke trying.

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