Maximizing profit, not yield

An agronomist reminds crop farmers maximum yields don’t necessarily equate to maximum profits.

Ross Bender is with the Mosaic Company.

“I farm myself, and it really comes down to tailoring a yield goal that’s accurate of that particular field.  You may have multiple fields on your operation that have vastly different yield goals.”

For example, he says optimum yields may differ on owned land compared to rented fields.

Bender tells Brownfield producers need to tailor a program best-suited for their operation.

“One of the more simplified approaches that I’ve taken recently is taking your average corn yield over the last two to three years.  Hopefully that’s indicative of what you hope you can achieve moving forward.  And if you’re looking to grow and become a little bit more aggressive, you might choose to increase that number by say, 10 (or) 15 percent.”

Bender recommends soil tests when determining yield goals to ensure the right amount of nutrients are being used.



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