Lyons: VFD won’t change Alltech

Pearse Lyons takes his company seriously, but describes with three letters the 35 years since he founded Alltech.

“I think I’ll spell it,” Lyons responded when asked to describe his business, “F-U-N, fun.”

He tells Brownfield the Veterinary Feed Directive, in effect since the first of the year, has not altered the way that Alltech does business.

“It’s interesting, that directive has not changed us for the simple reason that there are alternatives to putting antibiotics in,” he said, in an interview with Brownfield Ag News at the Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville.  “There are alternatives.”

Lyons’ company offers alternatives to antibiotics, and he says the Veterinary Feed Directive may help the cattle business.

“We have the best beef in the world, the best beef in the world,” he repeated for emphasis, “but we need to present that beef in the way the world wants it, and we can’t dictate to the world, ‘this is the way you want your beef.’”

Lyons says technology and ingenuity will lead to ways to keep livestock healthy.

“The solutions are there, they’ve been there for a long time around the world,” he said.  “We’re Americans.  We’re faster, we’re bigger, we’re more driven than anybody else in the world; we work harder.  Come on, let’s take our God given technology and our God given opportunities.”

AUDIO: Dr. Pearse Lyons (7 min. MP3)

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