A lot riding on finishing Minnesota Legislative Session on time

A Minnesota legislator says a lot is riding on finishing the Legislative Session on time.

Representative Jeanne Poppe (DFL) of Austin tells Brownfield farmers, business owners, local governments, and many others depend on lawmakers staying on schedule.

“I have a local school district who has a bond referendum in early June.  They want a tax bill.  They want to make sure the ag-to-school tax provision is in the tax bill, and that it’s done, signed and in place.”

Poppe puts the odds of the session concluding as scheduled May 22nd at less than 50 percent.

“They’re counting on us actually getting that done, so that they can then do their work.  And when it doesn’t happen by the end of the regular session, they’re also in limbo waiting for us to do it; and whether or not we will do it.”

She points out that while budget bills are necessary to fund state government, tax and bonding bills are not mandatory and can become less of a priority in the event of a special session.

Going into the weekend, Poppe says there’s a large divide between legislative leaders and Governor Dayton on budget policy as negotiations continue.






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