Combating antibiotic resistant bacteria

The Obama Administration has released a National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. Recognizing the important role USDA has in the issue, Steven Kappas with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) says USDA efforts will be in three areas, stewardship, surveillance and research. Kappas says USDA and FDA will work together on stewardship. “Working with… Read more »

Kentucky elk arrive in Wisconsin

Twenty-six elk from Kentucky have arrived in Jackson County, Wisconsin. These are the first of an expected 150 wild elk to be delivered to the Badger State over the next five years.  More elk will be delivered to Jackson County and in the Clam Lake area. The elk were quarantined in Kentucky for 45 days… Read more »

Ohio House and Senate pass SB1

State Legislature

Legislation to address water quality and nutrient management issues in the state has passed. The Ohio Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 25, passed SB1, a bill that Tommy Price of Putnam County, President of the Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) says they support because of its science-based approach to addressing the issues. “We… Read more »

Fescue replacement workshops in Missouri

Missouri is one of many states where toxic fescue has taken a bite out of the beef industry. University of Missouri Extension Forage Specialist Craig Roberts says farmers need to replace Kentucky-31, or K-31, tall fescue because of the problems it causes. Roberts tells Brownfield Ag News, “It’s the most serious and devastating forage livestock… Read more »

Mexico allowing some shipments

The country of Mexico reportedly is allowing some US poultry imports after it banned shipments from several U.S. states that reported avian flu in some commercial flocks. Arkansas, Missouri, California and Minnesota reported the highly contagious avian flu earlier this year. It is not spread to humans.

Retaliation considered in COOL case

Potential retaliation from Canada and Mexico against the U.S. was the focus of a House Ag subcommittee today. Chairman David Rouzer of North Carolina said the U.S. could lose its appeal with the WTO on its Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) rule and harmful retaliation could be the result. He says trade agreements are important for… Read more »

GMO labeling bill re-introduced

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A GMO labeling bill that would allow for voluntary labeling of food products has been reintroduced in Congress. The American Feed Industry Association says it supports the measure because it’s a federal food labeling solution “that consumers can rely on.  The AFIA says the bill “recognizes the safety of ingredients produced by modern agricultural biotechnology.”… Read more »

Illinois farmland values a little down

Illinois farmland values have dipped slightly. Dale Aupperle, chair of the land values and lease trends project, says it’s a continuation of prices which began to flatten in 2013. Aupperle tells Brownfield Ag News, “In general, land values across Illinois only sagged 1-to-3%. So, really, we’re kind of proud that the downtrend didn’t happen. It’s… Read more »

Iowa Egg Council not surprised by study

Egg-laying hens kept in conventional cages do not show a higher degree of stress than those housed in cage-free systems. That’s one of the conclusions coming out of a major research study on hen-housing systems. Randy Olson, executive director of the Iowa Egg Council says he’s not surprised by that finding.  He says producers understand… Read more »

Hen-housing study finds trade-offs

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One of the lead researchers on a study comparing housing systems for egg-laying hens says there was no difference in the stress levels of hens in any of the three systems that were tested. The stress that animals feel in confinement has been one of the big issues in the debate between defenders of modern… Read more »