Large proposed Wisconsin farm launches website

The Wysocki Family of Companies has filed the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Golden Sands Family Farm with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The family has also created a website with all of the information contained in the EIR. Jim Wysocki is Chief Financial Officer says they want people to know what is in the EIR and get the facts on the proposed farm. “Most of the text is taken directly from the Environmental Impact Report summaries.”

He says they will keep the site updated as the process moves forward. The next step right now is for DNR to evaluate the Report. The website is

The 5,940 acre site will leave 1,280 acres of red pine plantation, convert 4,660 acres to irrigated cropland. The plan calls for 37 high capacity wells with is a reduction from the original plan for 49. There is a comprehensive groundwater level and water quality monitoring plan.

The proposed dairy farm would occupy 98 acres which, when fully operational, will house 3,400 milk cows, 600 dry cows, 300 heifers and 1,000 calves, totaling 6,130 animal units. Two high-capacity wells will supply water to the dairy. There will be two 98=by-1,553-foot free stall barns, a milking parlor, dry cow barn, a special needs barn and a commodity shed. Calves will be in hutches. Three concrete waste storage facilities will be built for liquid manure. Once the farm is populated an anaerobic digester will be built along with a manure processing building where sand will be separated.

AUDIO:Wysocki talks about the site 1:27 mp3



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