Indiana farmer expecting a “sub-par crop”

A Central Indiana farmer says he’s planning for below average yields this year.

Jim Douglas says the crop has been faced with challenges since the start.  “Good weather will definitely help us and bad weather will be even more detrimental,” he says.  “I don’t think we’ll have a ‘par’ crop.  Corn planting is too uneven – we’ve got corn planted a month later in the same field – and it’s the same way with soybeans.”

He tells Brownfield the weather challenges are also impact how they manage the crop during the growing season.  “Pests can present an issue because of the different stages of crop development,” he says.  “That really presents a challenge spraying fungicide. We’re used to the crop being all in the same development in the same field when we’re making decisions.  This year that’s going to be a different scenario and really presents a challenge.”

Douglas says looking ahead, the variability within the fields could create additional problems when it comes to harvest.

AUDIO: Jim Douglas, Indiana farmer

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