Implementing VFD changes difficult for Minnesota swine manager

The manager of a commercial hog operation in southern Minnesota says implementing changes brought about by the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) has been difficult.

Rick Benson of Hugoson Pork has been instrumental in preparing the 3,600 head gilt multiplier he oversees for new on-farm antibiotic rules that went into effect January first.

“A lot of paperwork (and) protocols to follow.  But it’s the right thing to do, just to make sure that everybody is handling the products right, going through the animal properly and that we don’t have any residues going through.”

Benson reiterates the importance of working with a veterinarian.

“Just getting things documented (and) make sure you know what you’re using.  Make sure to work with your vet on what you are using.”

Benson was recognized this week as Swine Manager of the Year by the Minnesota Pork Producers Association.

Brownfield spoke to Benson at Minnesota Pork Congress in Minneapolis Tuesday.


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