Reducing global food waste could save $300 billion per year

Reducing food waste by 20 to 50 percent could save between $120 billion and $300 billion per year.  A new report, done jointly by a couple of global entities suggests that a third of all food produced in the world ends up as waste.  What’s thrown in the trash is currently worth more than $400… Read more »

Indiana Senate defeats “right to farm” proposal

State Legislature

The Indiana Senate voted to kill a proposal that would have added “right to farm” protections to the state’s constitution.  The Senate voted 28-22 Tuesday against Senate Joint Resolution 12, a measure sponsored by Bedford Republican Brent Steele. Steele told Brownfield the amendment was a way to protect family farmers against animal-rights activist and environmental… Read more »

First safety-net deadline is Friday

    The first of two deadlines for farmers enrolling in the new farm safety-net programs is this Friday. Indiana FSA state executive director Julia Wickard says it’s the first time in over 10 years producers have been able to update their yield history and base acres.  “We know that with technology adjustments and things… Read more »

Asia meat buyers welcome West Coast port deal

The tentative West Coast port labor contract agreement came as good news for US meat exporters.  Joel Haggard, US Meat Export Federation senior vice president for the Asia Pacific says Asian meat buyers also welcomed the announcement. He says the import volume in that region was significant in 2014.  “The US exported approximately $2 billion… Read more »

Honoring Hoosiers’ commitment to ag

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann and Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Ted McKinney will honor families with the Hoosier Homestead Award for their commitment to Indiana agriculture.  Sixty-three families will be honored at the ceremony. To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years… Read more »

Hershey announces transition to non-GMO

Hershey is the latest company to announce a switch to non-GMO ingredients.  The company announced it intends to remove genetically-modified ingredients from its Milk Chocolate and Kisses by the end of 2015. In a release, the company said they are “looking to formulate new products and transition existing products to deliver on no artificial flavors,… Read more »

New feed additive could benefit livestock industry

A newly developed feed additive is showing promise for poultry producers.  Kevin Roche, president and CEO of Carmel, Indiana based ProBiotstatin Livestock says they’ve developed an all-natural product to improve the delivery of livestock probiotics.  “We took the new probiotic lactic yeast and married it with what we call a facilitator to help uptake all those… Read more »

Increased truck capacity provides benefits

As Congress prepares to reauthorize the Surface Transportation Bill, (also known as the Highway Bill), the Soy Transportation Coalition is urging Congress to include increased truck capacity. STC executive director Mike Steenhoek, says a recent study looked at the impact of increasing truck weight limits on federal roads and bridges from the current 80,000 pounds… Read more »

Hangups continue in West Coast port talks

The West Coast port dispute continues to wreak havoc on US exports of goods. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the backlog is having an impact on the economy, especially the ag economy.  He told reporters at USDA’s Ag Outlook Forum Thursday that the dispute is now less about wages and benefits, and more about an arbitrator.  “And… Read more »

NPPC: Dietary guidelines wrong approach

Top Story

The National Pork Producers Council says the dietary guidelines committee has taken the wrong approach when it demoted meat in its recommendations to the USDA and Health and Human Services Secretaries for dietary guidelines. The committee recommended Americans eat less red meat and processed meats and more fruits and vegetables. Barb Determan, past president of… Read more »