Crop farmers could benefit from El Niño through spring

An agricultural meteorologist says El Niño is still intensifying. Jeff Andresen with Michigan State University says farmers may have already seen impacts of a stronger El Niño this year with increased precipitation. He tells Brownfield while some areas will have above normal yields, others were adversely affected. “It’s expected to reach its peak intensity here… Read more »

Dry weather adds more stress to crops

Indiana’s continued dry spell is adding more pressure to already stressed crops.  Corn and soybeans with shallow root systems are susceptible to drought stress and the current stretch of dry weather has farmers concerned about the crop’s ability to finish maturing. According to the weekly crop and weather report 47 percent of the corn crop is… Read more »

Farmers encouraged to host breakfast

Breakfast on the Farm has attracted over 11,000 visitors to just four Michigan farms this summer and there’s still one event left. This Saturday, Pleasant View Dairy in Hillsdale County will open their doors to provide a free breakfast and farm tour to the public. Third generation dairy farmer Bruce Lewis farms 2,700 acres with… Read more »

Approaching harvest with optimism

Harvest is getting closer and Central Indiana farmer Don Lamb is cautiously optimistic.  “It looked so bad early and then later on it started to look better,” he says.  “Partly because you can’t see as well because the crops have gotten above eye level in the field.  But we feel a little more optimistic than… Read more »

High oleic soybean provide opportunity for farmers

High oleic soybeans are giving farmers an opportunity to increase profitability without increasing input costs. Brian Presnal farms in central Indiana and says the lower commodity prices are forcing him to explore new ways to maximize his return on investment.  “The Plenish oil program is a high oleic soybean oil program that is gaining popularity,”… Read more »

NCBA takes issue with CR ground beef study

The beef industry is taking issue with a study by Consumer Reports (C-R) which concludes that ground beef from so-called sustainable beef operations is safer for consumers than conventionally produced ground beef. Dr. Mandy Carr, with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, tells Brownfield Ag News that Consumer Reports found less than 1% of salmonella in… Read more »

The next generation of agriculture, women

A network for women in agriculture is empowering females in a male dominated industry to lead. USDA Deputy Secretary Kyrsta Harden has been meeting with women across the country. “Sometimes women can feel isolated.” She says, “Frankly, in their own communities there might not be someone just like them farming or ranching and they would… Read more »

Roadways are creating a bigger challenge

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says Congress and the state legislature must take action to fix Indiana’s crumbling road system that is a growing problem for the state’s ag industry.  “It’s an absolute critical priority to have a highway bill put in place for 6 years,” he says.  “Can we do that – yes.  Should we… Read more »

Indiana’s crops continue to struggle

Indiana’s corn and soybean crops still remain under 50 percent good to excellent.  The recent weather conditions have helped earlier planted corn begin to dry down and poorer quality fields are being harvested for silage.  According to the latest weekly crop and weather report 47 percent of the corn crop is in good to excellent… Read more »

Farmers across the country share similar concerns

Farmers across the country share some of the same concerns – regulatory overreach. Since his announcement that he was running for American Farm Bureau Federation president, Indiana Farm Bureau president Don Villwock has been crisscrossing the US talking to farmers and Farm Bureau members about the future of the agriculture industry.  Villwock tells Brownfield no matter… Read more »