HSUS files suit to stop horse slaughter

Earlier this week the Humane Society of the United States filed suit against the US Department of Agriculture to block their decision to resume horse slaughter in the US.  And according to HSUS’ website, because of the legal action taken by HSUS and Front Range Equine Rescue, horse slaughter inspections will now be delayed for several weeks.

Jonathan Loworn, senior vice president and chief counsel for animal protection litigation at HSUS says USDA’s decision to re-open facilities in New Mexico, Missouri, and Iowa without conducting an environmental review is irresponsible and a violation of federal law.  HSUS claims horse slaughter plants pollute local water bodies with blood and offal, permeate the air with foul stenches, and diminish property values.

Sue Wallis with the International Equine Business Association says it’s ludicrous to call for a full environmental study for three small plants which she could have implications for the nation’s entire meat industry.

Wallis says, “Just because they change the species of large mammal that is being processed inside those four walls, you can imagine what opportunity that would give for HSUS, et al, to litigate, litigate, litigate and tie up our entire food production system.”

Wallis says animal rights activists are falling over themselves trying to make something stick. She tells Brownfield, “Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

USDA granted inspection permits to an Iowa company earlier this week and to a New Mexico company last week.  A third plant, located in northwest Missouri was rumored to receive a permit this week.

AUDIO: Sue Wallis (1:30 mp3)

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  • Hmmm. Loworn is named personally in the Feld RICO lawsuit, isn’t he? What an arrogant group are these H$U$ attorneys!

    I wonder if this USDA lawsuit is one of those that our tax dollars will reimburse the legal fees to H$U$ on—dirty little secret in the law. The FSIS answered H$U$’s long petition, refuting every argument they made, but H$U$ does not take NO for answer. They are like a spoiled gorilla that demands getting their way every time–and hey, if taxpayers and donors pay, they have no real negative consequences, so why not? If they are successful in this argument, they WILL go after other slaughter operations (cattle, hogs, etc.). Another incremental step in destroying animal agriculture. No matter what the fork-tongued Pacelle says, actions speak louder than words. He does NOT think humans should eat meat nor use animals, and he will do everything *society will allow* to work towards that end (or as close to it as possible).

  • Actually the Majority of the American public NO NOT want horse slaughter just in case anyone did not know this? Pro Slaughter and talk about being arrogant ( SUEY ), nothing they say is the truth we all know this has nothing what’s so ever to do with saving and helping horses, so funny if it was not so sick, money, supply and demand is the only reason this is being pushed I mean god almighty it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, wish these company’s that are trying to open and pro slaughter would just be honest tell the truth, oh but they can’t can they nope cause then NO ONE would condone this grow some BAL-S and stop being cowards…. Despicable and we all know they have no REAL data none, this horse slaughter indeed does just the opposite in what pro slaughter claims to help it endorses over breeding & abuse a dumping ground for irresponsible owners, Listen we have had slaughter for what 30 40 years gosh has it helped well hell no and it won’t until the option is gone…… WHAT don’t some get about this MONEY SUPPLY AND DEMAND PERIOD…… It will COST U.S. or should I say we the tax payers, $400,000 a year for the cost for one plant per year, for what Foreign interest’s are we really that stupid, and a monetary gain for a very few, certainly not the low paying jobs that they will have and can anyone imagine working in a place like that , we have enough animal’s in the slaughter line for our greedy needs, horses have NOT been BREED here to EAT stop this nonsense oh but then they don’t have to ship the horses from far away REALLY across the US. back and forth is the same distance is it not ?? AND when we did have it here the horses WERE STILL shipped across the borders TOO, so come on see the real picture to the few folks that can’t see it…. THIS IS LUDICRISE STUPID CRAZY and EVIL DISTRUCTIVE endeavor …………

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