Former NRCS chief Weller finds right fit at Land O’Lakes

Former NRCS chief Jason Weller says he wants to help farmers become more productive and efficient in his new role with Land O’Lakes.

As senior director of the global food and agribusiness’s SUSTAIN team, Weller plans to put his eight years of natural resource and conservation experience to work.

“For me, what was most rewarding was that in the heart of NRCS-if you were to really break down its DNA at its very core-it was about working one on one with farmers to help them be successful.”

He tells Brownfield Land O’Lakes is a farmer-owned and farmer led organization with a culture similar to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

“The experiences I had at NRCS, learning to help provide conservation assistance to producers across the country, is going to very-well transfer that perspective (and) core culture that I was looking for.  Ultimately helping the family farm be successful is what the Land O’Lakes team is all about.”

Land O’Lakes CEO Chris Policinski says the SUSTAIN business unit focuses on ensuring sustainable crop production by delivering insights, products and services for member-growers.


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