DFA remains the nation’s largest milk marketer

Dairy Farmers of America remains the largest milk marketer in the country by a large margin. The annual Top 50 dairy co-op list from Hoard’s Dairyman says DFA handled more than 45 billion pounds of milk from 8,768 farms in 2014. That amounts to nearly 22 percent of total U.S. milk production. Following DFA were… Read more »

Harvestable buffers serve as safety net

An extension specialist says buffers that can be harvested provide multiple benefits to farmers. Michigan State University Extension Senior Educator Marilyn Thelen tells Brownfield a recent conservation farm tour highlighted the management practice as a way to protect water quality while still providing feed for dairy cows.  She says the farmer planted a grass mix… Read more »

DFA to close Wisconsin cheese plant

Dairy Farmers of America says it is going to close-down its cheese plant at Plymouth, Wisconsin in January. DFA Chief Operating Officer John Stephens tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that despite numerous upgrades, the facility has become outdated and unable to be competitive in today’s marketplace. The plant, built in 1954 employs 300 people and… Read more »

Michigan ideal for dairy farming

A Michigan agricultural leader says the state’s dairy industry expects continued growth. Jim Byrum President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association tells Brownfield, dairy production is increasing to new regions of the state and returning to others that haven’t seen dairy farms in a while. “The number of cows in Michigan increases because frankly we have… Read more »

Wisconsin cows top World Dairy Expo

The Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo 2015 is Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha. The Holstein is owned by MilkSource Genetics of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Katrysha was the first place winner in the Six-Year-Old & Over class, Senior and Grand Champion Female, and Best Udder in the International Holstein Show. As Supreme Champion, Katrysha receives the Gregory Blaska… Read more »

Upper Midwest excels in milk quality

A recent report from the Federal Milk Market Administrator says Upper Midwest dairy farmers continue to produce high quality milk. Their study of dairy farms in the Upper Midwest found Michigan dairies has the lowest somatic cell counts, followed by Wisconsin. North and South Dakota had the highest levels in the report. The analysis also… Read more »

Truck weights limiting agriculture

State Legislature

Debates on acceptable truck weight limits are occurring at both the state and federal levels. The U.S. House has introduced the Safe, Flexible and Efficient (SAFE) Trucking Act to increase commercial truck weights, but Michigan legislators are trying to decrease current levels. Michigan Agri-Business Association President Jim Byrum tells Brownfield, Michigan currently has heavy truck… Read more »

MABA awards Green Agribusinesses

The Michigan Agri-Business Association recently awarded 97 companies with Green Agri-Business Awards, the most ever. President Jim Byrum says the awards recognize agribusinesses that have embraced sustainability and are reducing carbon footprints. He tells Brownfield one of the places many companies start to be green is by undergoing an energy audit, “To make sure they… Read more »

TPP talks coming to Atlanta

Trans Pacific Partnership chief negotiators are meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in the coming days. The U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) office says TPP Trade Ministers from the 12 countries will meet afterwards – from September 30th through October 1st in Atlanta. Trade negotiators last met in July in Hawaii with several agriculture issues unresolved. The U.S. wants… Read more »

Manure pit safety 101

Rural Issues copy

The National Educational Center for Agricultural Safety says a dropped tool into a manure pit cost one family farm two funerals. Center director Dan Neenan is warning farmers of agricultural dangers including those around manure storage. “There was a tool that was dropped and a person entered to retrieve the tool.” Neenan says, “A family… Read more »