Newtrient looking to expand market for cow manure

Some of the nation’s largest dairy cooperatives have founded a company aimed at developing a broader market for cow manure. Newtrient will be led by former Darigold attorney Steve Rowe, who says research shows there is untapped value in what he calls the third output of a dairy cow. “The first being milk, the second… Read more »

Cheese and butter stocks above a year-ago

Monthly Cold Storage Report from USDA shows 1.14 billion pounds of cheese in the nation’s warehouses at the end of October, just slightly less than at the end of September and 15 percent more than a year ago. American-type cheese inventories were 695 million pounds unchanged from a month ago but up 12 percent from… Read more »

Dairy continues to lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is looking at ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) on the dairy farm. Vice president of sustainability research Dr. Juan Tricarico says the Lifecycle Assessment tool helps researchers better understand dairy’s GHG footprint. “The first study was focused on fluid milk, then the lifecycle assessment of cheese, weigh,… Read more »

Success in dairy partnerships

A dairy checkoff board member says she’s seen the benefit of farmer dollars going from advertising into partnerships. Audrey Donahoe, a dairy farmer from upstate New York, has served the last 14 years on the Dairy Management Incorporated board.  “We really didn’t know how much milk was being sold by just having advertising on T.V.” … Read more »

Wisconsin Dairy 30×20 grants available

A couple of deadlines for the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30×20 Initiative are coming-up. Dairy processors have until November 30th to apply for funds which can be used to foster innovation, improve profitability and sustain long-term viability of their facilities.  Grants may be up to $50,000 per proposal. Applications for producer grants are due to the… Read more »

Milk production slowing in the United States

The National Ag Statistics Service reports total milk production in October was 17.1 billion pounds up just 0.1 percent from October of 2014.  That is the smallest year-over-year increase since December of 2013.  The nation’s dairy herd added 32,000 cows to 9.3 million head but production per cow was down 5 pounds to average 1,835… Read more »

DFA to buy the other half of DairiConcepts

Dairy Farmers of America is going to acquire 100 percent of the dairy ingredients company it co-owns with Fonterra of New Zealand. DairiConcepts was formed by the two cooperatives in 2000 by combining DFA’s cheese and cheese powders business with Fonterra’s cheese and cheese flavors business in the U.S. Fonterra says the partnership no longer… Read more »

MPP enrollment deadline is Friday

This Friday is the deadline for dairy producers to enroll in the Margin Protection Program (MPP) for FY 2016. Brad Pfaff is acting Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs at the Farm Service Agency, he says this is a risk protection tool in what can be a very volatile market.  For a minimum of $100, a producer… Read more »

Global Dairy Trade index declines further

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A third consecutive decline at the Global Dairy Trade auction on Tuesday. The overall index was down 7.9 percent from the November 3rd sale.  The index has lost 145 points since October 6th. Butter milk powder was 1 percent lower; lactose decreased 2 percent from the last auction; rennet casein lost 4.4 percent, cheddar cheese… Read more »

It’s not going to be easy

Beginning farmers and ranchers can take advantage of opportunities during a down economy. The CEO and President of Farm Credit Services of America and Frontier Farm Credit says while agriculture is a capital intensive business, a challenging economy opens doors for new producers. “There’s going to be folks that think this isn’t as fun as… Read more »