COOL Reform Coalition urges compliance first

A coalition of U.S. business groups wants Congress to intervene now that the World Trade Organization has ruled that the USDA’s remedy for Country of Origin Labeling is lacking. Chuck Connor, president and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, one of the coalition groups, says without intervening, the standing of the U.S. in… Read more »

Two new V.P.s at Foremost Farms

Some leadership changes at Foremost Farms USA: with the retirement of Dave Fuhrmann, Mike Doyle became president and CEO of the cooperative effective October 1st.  Doyle has announced Jim Hamm will fill the newly-created position of vice-president strategy and business development.  Hamm joined Foremost Farms in 2008 as director of financial planning and analysis. He… Read more »

U.S. milk production up 4% in September

  Milk production in the United States in September totaled nearly 16.4 billion pounds up 4 percent from September of last year, the biggest year-over-year increase of 2014.  The dairy herd increased 55,000 head to 9.26 million and production per cow increased 58 pounds to average 1,777. Milk production in the 23 major dairy states… Read more »

Yogurt becomes the official snack food of New York State

Cornell University hosting the second annual New York State Yogurt Summit this week, a gathering of industry, academic and government-type people to collaborate on how to help the dairy industry continue to grow in the Empire State. The state leads the nation in yogurt production turning out 741 million pounds in 2013, a 46-million-pound increase… Read more »

GDT overall price moves higher

Global Dairy Trade Auction today saw the overall price increase 1.4 percent from the October 1st sale.  Whole milk powder increased 3.1 percent, butter was up 3.9 percent, sweet whey powder was 4.3 percent higher and anhydrous milk fat jumped 7.4 percent. Cheddar cheese declined 1 percent, skim milk powder was 3.6 percent lower, butter… Read more »

EU milk may end up in Russia

More indications Russia is maneuvering around its ban on European dairy products.  In August, Moscow announced a ban on milk, cheese, beef, pork, fruit and vegetables from the European Union, Norway, Australia, Canada and the United States in reaction to those countries’ sanctions over Ukraine.  European milk prices, especially in the U.K. have tumbled since… Read more »

Wisconsin dairy technology tour

The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin are hosting three Dairy Technology Tours next week.  Each day will feature three different farms ranging from 60 cows to 460 cows.  Each has robotic milkers along with other robotic technologies including feed pushers, manure scrapers, calf feeders, rumen monitors and others. Each tour will also have University of… Read more »

EPA extends comment period on WOTUS–again

The EPA is once again extending the comment period on its proposed rule to redefine U.S. waters under the Clean Water Act. The new deadline is November 14th.  The agency, back in June, extended the original July 21st deadline to October 20th. According to a report on, the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board is wrapping… Read more »

U.K. dairy producers ready to hit the streets

Dairy producers in the United Kingdom say they will start protesting low farm milk prices within the next week.  Prices paid to producers have fallen about 25 percent in the last four months. Many producers are already below the cost of production and with the 7.3 percent decline in the overall Global Dairy Trade price… Read more »

South Dakota Ag Economic impact results

The impact of agriculture on South Dakota’s economy cannot be ignored in a new study released by the state Department of Agriculture. It shows that total production agriculture and ag related industries accounted for more than 30 percent of South Dakota’s total output, based on 2012 data. Also that year, agriculture accounted for one in… Read more »