Wet fields and the forecast for more rain

For Jeff Wuebker who farms in Darke County, Western Ohio, spring planting remains on hold. “Last week we had two and half inches of rain right in through here, now you go a little farther north and they had almost an inch less,” Wuebker said. “We’re pretty wet, I haven’t really thought about it, I… Read more »

Farmers are responding to market signals

As the 2015 planting season gets underway, University of Illinois professor John Newton says the US could be entering a third year of declining acres planted to corn. He says farmers are responding to market signals.  “The market signal in the corn market has been the declining corn prices ever since we started to build… Read more »

Central Nebraska farmer welcomes rain

The rain falling in central Nebraska today is going to delay corn planting for a few days.  But that’s okay with Paul Kenney, who farms north of Kearney near Amherst.  Kenney says they’re about four inches behind normal in precipitation this year. “It’s just pretty tough to catch up if you’re that far behind,” Kenney… Read more »

Starting off a lot like 2012

The 2015 planting season is starting off much differently than normal for eastern South Dakota farmer Keith Alverson.  “It’s warm and its dry,” he says.  “Planting conditions are pretty good because normally we have a lot of spring moisture – when most of South Dakota gets the bulk of its moisture and planting conditions are… Read more »

Opening dialog on transportation issues

Agriculture partnerships may be bringing more awareness to transportation issues facing Illinois farmers.  Duane Dahlman is a McHenry County grower in Northern Illinois who serves on the Illinois Soybean Association board.  He tells Brownfield by bringing together ag groups and county engineers they hope to prioritize transportation road blocks for farmers. “We obviously do not… Read more »

GLRI grants address water quality

The Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded over $17 million dollars to reduce runoff in the Great Lakes. Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin received funding for 14 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants. Elaine Brown, MAEAP Training and Grant Liaison with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development says the grants add to several efforts to address… Read more »

Atrazine use restrictions in Wisconsin

As corn planting approaches for Wisconsin farmers; a reminder from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection that atrazine use is limited in parts of the state.  There are 101 prohibition areas in 35 counties: Adams, Brown, Calumet, Chippewa, Columbia, Crawford, Dane, Dodge, Eau Claire, Grant, Green, Green Lake, Iowa, Jackson, Juneau, Lafayette, Manitowoc,… Read more »

Making changes to operate more efficiently

Lower commodity prices are forcing an Indiana farmer to be more efficient with the dollars being spent on his farm. Ahead of the 2015 growing season, Brian Scott, who farms north east of West Lafayette (Indiana) says they made a few changes last fall.  “Last fall we changed our fertility program for phosphorus and potassium,”… Read more »

Anticipation of a big corn carryout

Analysts say for the first time in 10 years, the US could see a 2 billion bushel carryout on corn.  John Newton, assistant professor at the University of Illinois, says the potential for that number also brings up concerns about commodity prices.  “At that point in time the marketing year average for corn was $2… Read more »

Stay safe during planting

The end of spring weight limits means more traffic in rural communities.  Jim Byrum, President of the Michigan Agribusiness Association says fertilizer is starting to move and grain is coming out of storage.  He tells Brownfield it’s important for farmers to be safe while moving grain and large equipment. “Unfortunately drivers, especially those that aren’t… Read more »