Study shows armyworms developing Bt resistance

A new study, led by Louisiana State University, shows that armyworms are developing resistance to Bt corn. According to Reuters, the research documents resistance by fall armyworms in the southeastern U.S. to the Cry1F protein. That protein is contained in many corn products to fight off the destructive pests.  So far, the resistant armyworms have… Read more »

Long-term sustainability for soil health

The Soil Health Partnership held its first meeting in Indiana yesterday. Indiana farmer Brent Bible says the partnership is an attempt to measure soil health and to help farmers figure out what management practices can be put into place to improve soil health.  “We need to ask ourselves what methods or what management practices can… Read more »

Maui County’s GMO planting ban on hold

A federal judge has put a temporary hold on Maui County, Hawaii’s ban on the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms. U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Kurren says Maui County may not implement the new law until he considers arguments in a lawsuit against the measure, which was approved by voters earlier this month. Monsanto… Read more »

Missouri test plots’ mega corn crop

Missouri farmers are bringing in a record corn crop. Extension specialist Bill Wiebold runs the University of Missouri Variety Testing Program that tests more than 300 corn hybrids in 20 locations across the state. He tells Brownfield Ag News they’ve seen an average yield of more than 200 bushels an acre, “I haven’t seen numbers like this… Read more »

Soybean price better than expected

Soybean prices are down a lot from a few years ago but American Soybean Association chairman Danny Murphy likes the current upward trend… “I guess it’s really been surprising at the strength the market’s shown. Probably six weeks ago, we were at about 9-and-a-half or so and really thought beans would be 8-and-a-half but today… Read more »

Smith: “Bad timing” on Corps work

Missouri Congressman Jason Smith says it’s bad timing for the Corps of Engineers to close down part of the lower Mississippi River for repairs. “We’re facing one of the largest harvests on record and by closing that line of the Mississippi River with barge traffic – it’s devastating to all of our farmers and just… Read more »

Crop producers urged to ‘minimize losses’

The financial situation facing crop producers for 2015 is considerably different from that of recent years. Ag economist Tina Barrett, director of Nebraska Farm Business Inc., says the emphasis has gone from “maximizing profits” to “minimizing losses”. “We need to take a step back and look at those choices that we’ve made over the last… Read more »

Winter arrives in Wisconsin

Winter weather brought the harvest to a halt in Wisconsin last week. A couple of snow storms delivered up to 24 inches of the white stuff in northern Wisconsin.  The plunging temperatures did allow the ground to freeze enough that fields which had been too muddy became passable.  Average temperatures were 8 to14 degrees below… Read more »

Harvest ’14 continues in Ohio

The Ohio corn and soybean harvest is getting closer to being done. As of Sunday, November 16, the Ohio field office of the National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) reported corn harvest advanced 14 points during the week to 81 percent complete, soybean harvest is 93 percent complete, a seven point increase from the previous week,… Read more »

McDonald’s won’t use GMO potato

The largest fast-food company in the world – McDonald’s – reportedly won’t be buying any GMO potatoes from its long-time source, J.R. Simplot Company of Idaho. A report in the Idaho Statesman Online says McDonald’s is one of Simplot’s oldest business partners but stands by its policy of not sourcing genetically modified potatoes. The “Innate”… Read more »