Top sorghum yield is 246 bushels per acre

The top yield in this year’s National Sorghum Producers’ Yield Contest was 246 bushels per acre. It was produced by Henson Land & Cattle of Texas in the conventional-till irrigated category. Other first place winners in each category are: Cody Sassmann of Missouri in the No-Till Non-Irrigated category with a yield of 207.98 bushels per… Read more »

Iowa Soybean CEO celebrates 25 years

As the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) celebrated its 50th anniversary this week, its CEO was recognized for being there for half of it. Kirk Leeds celebrated his 25 years of service at the ISA 50th Anniversary Symposium and Banquet on Wednesday in Des Moines. “I am humbled by the recognition and I have appreciated the opportunity… Read more »

Biodiesel exec: More certainty needed

The chairman of the nation’s largest biodiesel producer is calling for more “certainty” in U.S. renewable energy policy. Jeff Stroburg of Iowa-based REG—Renewable Energy Group—says the down-to-the-wire extension of the biodiesel tax credit for 2014 is an example of the uncertainty the industry faces. “We’re glad to see that get passed—it’s unfortunate that we didn’t… Read more »

NCGA announces 2014 Yield Contest winners

The National Corn Growers Association announced their 2014 Yield Contest Winners today (Friday).  Eighteen winners in six production categories have verified yields averaging more than 383.6 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 173.4 bushels per acre. The all-time high yield record of 503 bushels per acre was set by Randy Dowdy… Read more »

Farmers are facing a time of moderation

Purdue ag economist Chris Hurt calls 2013 and 2014 transitional to the crop sector.  He tells Brownfield prices were transcending from very high prices to more moderate ones.  “The ’13 crop, as an example, averaged about $4.50 a bushel,” he says.  “It looks like this very large ’14 crop $3.50 a bushel.  Is coming down… Read more »

Survey shows Iowa farmland down nine percent

Farmland prices in Iowa are down nine percent from one year ago, according to the latest update from Iowa State University. That’s the largest annual decline in 28 years. But Michael Duffy, a retired Iowa State economics professor who conducted the survey, says it wasn’t unexpected given the declines in commodity prices and farm income…. Read more »

John Deere sells crop insurance business

John Deere has sold its crop insurance division to Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH). John Deere entered the crop insurance business in 2005.  The company announced in September that it was prepared to sell the crop insurance division, saying it wanted to focus on its core manufacturing business. A leader in the… Read more »

Managing tighter margins in 2015

In a world where margins are tighter, Purdue Ag Economist Chris Hurt says farmers are going to have to make some adjustments. Starting in the short term.  “We look very quickly at capital expenditures,” he says.  “This would be cutting back on purchases of new machinery, cutting back on things like irrigation, tiling, and cutting… Read more »

Weed survey

Based on information collected for the latest weed survey by Ohio State University Extension educators and a group in the weed science department at Ohio State, the major weeds in Ohio remain marestail and giant ragweed. Extension weed specialist, Mark Loux, says overall, farmers are making progress when it comes to controlling weeds in the… Read more »

Barge user fee increase passes

A nine-cent increase in the barge user fee on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers has passed the U.S. Senate by a wide margin. The U.S. House passed the same bill earlier this month. The increase, from 20 to 29 cents a gallon for diesel fuel used to power barges, will be used to help upgrade… Read more »