COOL Reform Coalition urges compliance first

A coalition of U.S. business groups wants Congress to intervene now that the World Trade Organization has ruled that the USDA’s remedy for Country of Origin Labeling is lacking. Chuck Connor, president and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, one of the coalition groups, says without intervening, the standing of the U.S. in… Read more »

South Dakota leads in soybean harvest progress

The weather has had an effect on harvest progress with rain cutting into field work in many Midwestern states over the past week or so.  The weather through the growing season has also had an effect on crop development, putting corn harvest significantly behind where it normally would be by now. The picture for soybean… Read more »

Harvest resumes in parts of Indiana

After a week of weather delays, today was the first day back at harvest for Monticello, Ind. farmer Brian Scott. He says yields have been impressive so far this year.  “But we actually haven’t finished an entire corn field yet because of the weather,” he says.  “We’ve been bouncing around to different places.  The field… Read more »

Harvest progresses in Nebraska

Limited rainfall and above normal temperatures in Nebraska last week provided excellent harvest conditions. As of Sunday, soybean harvest stood at 69 percent, compared to 81 average.  Corn harvest was at 28 percent, well behind the 45 average.  Farmers were waiting for grain moisture levels, especially on irrigated corn, to dry down further.

Iowa farmers welcome good harvest weather

After repeated rain delays, Iowa farmers are finally seeing a stretch of good harvest weather. “The dry weather the last several days has been very helpful and farmers will be working long hours to get the crop in when conditions allow, ” says Iowa secretary of agriculture Bill Northey. As of Sunday, 61 percent of Iowa… Read more »

South Dakota corn harvest behind, but soybeans ahead of normal

Warm and dry conditions dominated the weather pattern across South Dakota this past week, allowing almost all the winter wheat to get planted. Corn is 91 percent mature and 19 percent harvested, which is behind the average of 45 percent by this time.  Corn is 74 percent good to excellent. Soybeans are 88 percent harvested,… Read more »

Missouri crops behind

Rain and wet ground last week in Missouri kept harvest progress to a minimum. Harvest progress remains behind normal. As of Sunday, 58 percent of Missouri corn was harvested, 17 percentage points behind the average. Corn moisture in Missouri averages 17 percent. Soybean harvest is 25 percent complete – 21 percentage points behind the five… Read more »

Too wet in most Wisconsin fields last week

Not a lot of progress in Wisconsin fields last week after heavy rains swept across the Badger State dropping 1-to-2.5 inches the first few days.  Door County reports 3.25 inches.  Some were able to get back into the fields late in the week.  Topsoil moisture is listed as 78 percent adequate and 18 percent surplus…. Read more »

Weather continues to prolong harvest

Frequent rainfalls halted harvest progress for much of the state last week.  According to the latest Crop and Weather report 31 percent of both corn and soybeans have been harvested – slightly more than a week ago.  The average moisture content of harvested corn is 21 percent and 14 percent for soybeans. Ninety-four percent of… Read more »

New tool measures crop yield gaps worldwide

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s largest gap in farm yields—70 to 90 percent below their potential—according to a new research tool unveiled at the Global Water for Food Conference in Seattle. The new web-based platform is called the Global Yield Gap and Water Productivity Atlas.  According to Frank Rijsberman, CEO of the international agricultural research… Read more »