Could the Farm Bill’s passage depend on the election?

Since a Farm Bill didn’t happen before its September 30, 2012 expiration date – many are wondering when it will be completed.  Marlin Stutzman represents Indiana’s 3rd Congressional district and is a member of the House Ag Committee. 

He notes House Speaker John Boehner says completing a Farm Bill is one of his goals during the Lame Duck session. 

But Stutzman thinks completing the legislation actually could depend on the outcome of the November elections. “If everything stays “as is” with the Republicans controlling the House and the Democrats controlling the Senate and president Obama being reelected – I think you’ll probably see a five-year bill possibly move,” he says. “But, if the Senate would change majority to Republican and the House stayed Republican – I think you’ll see us start over.”

He tells Brownfield there is still a lot of unrest about the food stamp program.  “The Republicans have addressed this and are trying to reform the food stamp program because it has grown so much over the last decade,” he says.  “We’re trying to figure out some of the causes for that growth.”

Congress recessed last week and will not return until after the elections in November.

AUDIO: Marlin Stutzman, Indiana 3rd District (2:48mp3)

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