Considerations for soybeans yet to be planted

An agronomist offers some considerations for soybean growers pushed to the sideline by wet weather.

Harmon Wilts with DeKalb/Asgrow covers west-central Minnesota, where he says corn planting is nearly finished and more than 80 percent of soybeans are in the ground.

Wilts tells Brownfield he’s hearing from farmers who aren’t done planting and considering making changes.

“One area growers were talking an awful lot about (has to do with) it getting late and treating soybeans with a seed treatment.  I’m really glad the majority of folks did stay with their fungicide treatments.  As we get into wet weather now, I think that’s quite critical.”

He says some growers are also looking at changing maturities.

“If we move too early, not only are we giving up yield because it’s a little later in planting.  But also when we move to an earlier variety, we’re giving up quite a bit (of yield).  So I think they should stay with what their planned maturities are.”

Wilts also emphasizes staying ahead of weeds by scouting frequently, saying all the moisture will probably lead to bigger problems with weeds this year.


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