Beef checkoff responds to the generations

The Beef Checkoff says it’s listening to consumers of different ages and responding with the products they want. Craig Uden, chair of the Federation of State Beef Councils, says they have surveyed so-called Baby Boomers and Generation Y, also known as Milennials, those born after 1982. Uden tells Brownfield, “The older consumer’s getting a little more health conscious. They still maybe want to have a sit down meal and a little more traditional. As we look at a younger generation, they question, ‘How are these cattle raised, where do they come from?’”

Uden says younger consumers are looking for convenience, “They don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They eat out. They tend to graze more than somebody of my age. That’s how it evolves. And, that’s the neat thing about the Checkoff, it has to evolve with all these emerging challenges and that’s just one of them that we see.”

Uden says the Beef Checkoff’s responding to consumer concerns about food safety which involves emerging technologies in feeding and processing – taking care of the product all the way from the producer to the consumer.  “That’s where we get a lot of our information on how we need to make some of the changes – is going out and meeting different types of folks that are invested in our business.”

The producer-funded checkoff promotes marketing and research to increase demand for beef in the U.S. and around the world.

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