Audrain, Carroll are Missouri’s first Agri-Ready counties

Audrain and Carroll Counties are the first two in Missouri to get the Agri-Ready designation from Missouri Farmers Care. The Agri-Ready program, established by Missouri Farmers Care late last year, recognizes counties that support agricultural growth.  Missouri Farmers Care Executive Director Ashley McCarty says the Agri-Ready designation shows a commitment from commissioners that no county regulations or restrictions will be more stringent than state law.

“The agriculture organizations of Missouri state law is science based, it has been well-studied, there is authority at the state level to make sure that agriculture is regulated adequately, but provide room for us to do business,” said McCarty during an interview with Brownfield Ag News.

The Agri-Ready status is a way that counties can support family farmers who make up 95 percent of Missouri’s farm community.

“Family farmers that make up Missouri agriculture are really our economic bedrock and that we value their contributions to our economy,” said McCarty, “and that we want to advance their opportunities for growth down the road.:”

Audrain County is Missouri’s top soybean producer, and second leading producer of corn. The county has more than 1,000 farms, creating more than $150 million in annual agriculture sales.

Carroll County ranks sixth and seventh, respectively, in Missouri corn and soybean production, generating $130 million in annual agriculture sales from more than 1,100 farms and agriculture processors.

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